Karl's Corner - 09/13/2002

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09/13/02 and love for our nation

...back to the secret lab for karl. I'll be back in L.A. with the guys closer to their recording session later this fall. Meanwhile the dvd work will continue, me and new webmaster Julie have a ton of cool projects to do for the site [and lots of stuff to update and enhance!], and the band is gonna get into a rehearsal studio in L.A. this coming week, to start working on a slew of new songs, breaking them down and building them from the ground up for possible inclusion on Album #5! Expect more Album 5 announcements and news as the Autumn continues.

...missed the Pat and Scott loveline apperance? Mp3s are available over at weezed.com.

...well, the 2002 Q Awards are taking place on 10/21, and weezer is up for some awards. These are voter driven awards, and your vote counts! Vote at q4music.com if you’d like to see Weezer win awards such as "Best Live Act" or "Best Act In The World Today"...

...and, theres a new fan-conducted interview with drummer man Pat, over at weezerisland.com!

...Brazillian fans may want to take a look at the Portugese Keep Fishin news at Universo On-line. The article headline roughly translates to "Weezer and Muppets together in the clip: a perfect mix"

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

  • radio: still heavy on Kroq L.A., but off of K-Rock NYC's playlist already? Remember to request it if you want it! ...WHFS Baltimore/DC: #8 on the "9 Most Wanted", and their 5th most played song...Lick 106.3 'Modern Rock for Little Rock': back in the top 20 countdown at #16 after slipping off!....Buzz 103.7 Arkansas: still in heavy rotation...."they played the DC Demo version of Keep Fishin over the PA before the NC State - East Tennesee State game on August 31st." - Rob

  • video:

MuchMusic Canada: on the new show "Power Shift" [top 30 videos as chosen via online voting at muchmusic.com]. Keep Fishin' was number 6 on the debut show last week and number 9 this week.
Mtv Brazil: wild stuff! weezer is the band of the week on the rock show called "Úa-Úa", which means airing plenty of videos and old interviews, plus they are airing the weezer Whiskey show [may 2002] today, Friday 9/13. An Mtv Brazil VJ said: "The guys from weezer wrote [Keep Fishin'] because when they were kids, they used to camp and one time, when the food ended they got hungry and went fishing. Aww how cute..."
ITV1 England: late on 9/12, on "ITV At The Festivals", they broadcast 3 tracks from the Reading Festival set (Say It Ain't So, Why Bother and Buddy Holly).
...several fans who happen to work at Blockbuster Video report that "Keep Fishin'" has cropped up on the official Blockbuster In Store Play DVD for September, and gets repeated about every 90 minutes in Blockbusters all over the country.

....press notes:

The Zia Magazine article from August is indeed online now, both here, and here.

also, there is a Maladroit review up at Q101.com here.

...fan stuff:
at weezerdayz, there is a "demo battle" currently going on, your votes count!

Weez fan and marathon runner Kimberly Taylor is running an AIDS benefit marathon this coming December, and is in the process of trying to reach her fundraising goal. Her marathon webpage is here.