Karl's Corner - 09/14/2013

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2013/09/14 Show: Thackerville, OK: Winstar Casino


After yesterdays sold out show in Concho, we packed up the gear and the guys and the rock, and took it down to Thackerville, a small town just North of the Texas border. Because casinos are not allowed in Texas, they put one here to attract the people up from Dallas, about 90 minutes away (or less if you aren't concerned with speed limits). So tonight's show should be a good one, as we hear tell the show is just about sold out. So thank you for coming out to the hinterlands to share in the rock with us!

We last played here almost 2 years ago, and it was right as the guys walked off the stage that we learned the awful news about Mikey Welsh's passing. Its hard to believe its coming up on 2 years since that terrible day, and everyone misses Mikey very much. But life, and rock as weve come to learn keeps moving on, and so onward the weez goes...