Karl's Corner - 09/19/2002

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09/19/02 Sagg shootin' his arrow

...howdy. Well, the discography section [located in 'info'] has begun a bit of an overhaul, mainly adding a lot of previously missing stuff, and catching up to the current releases. There will be some additional updating here in the coming days, thanks for waiting. Meanwhile Julie got some more of your tabs and radio request info up, and the site projects continue...thanks for your patience! More treats and cool stuff is on the way.

...we are waiting word on the release info of the Weezer 2003 calendar. This years calendar is somewhat like last year's... in other words, packed with some of the coolest full size and color photos from the past year in the life o weezer! Last years calendar was quite a hit with the fans, so we tried to make it even better this year. Photography from several heavy duty photographers and yours truly is featured. We've been trying to make sure its 100 percent cool, so its taken a little extra time to get it out there. As soon as we get word on when its headed to stores, we'll let ya know!