Karl's Corner - 09/23/2002

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09/23/02 now what you hear is not a test

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:
well, its getting later in the 'fishin' season' and the single has started to drop on the Modern Rock chart after a solid run. The Muppet-laden video has continued to turn heads all over the world, and though the general public has moved on to newer rock tracks, there is still a good deal of nice weez support around the US and elsewhere. Thanks to everyone who emailed and phoned their support in to the radio stations and video channels, and to those in the UK, Europe and aound the globe who picked up a single or two in their local record shops. Speaking of singles, tomorrow the limited edition Keep Fishin US cd single comes out in select areas. More below.

  • radio:

99.1 WHFS DC/Baltimore [back up to #6 on the Most Wanted list!]...also in frequent rotation on 106.5...Edge 102.1 Toronto Canada [having "Threesome Weekends" where "sets of three good songs with something in common" are being played on weekends. Coming up on Oct 25-27 the combo will be Stone Temple Pilots + Weezer + R.E.M.]...
- In Ireland, after encouraging amounts of airplay on 2FM, the single failed to crack the top 30, probably due to some of the cancelled TV shows that were due to feature the band right before the release date.
- Meanwhile, Keep Fishin' is No. 6 on the Euro-American Charts on Chinese radio!
- On Sirius Satellite Radio, All 4 weezer albums and the Special Goodness albums are in regular rotation on channels 26 (Alt. Nation) and 27 (Left of Center)
beaming to hooked up cars around the country.
- also, unreleased demo "Modern Dukes" was played on 105.9 the X in Pittsburgh the other day...

  • video:

- in the 10/3 issue of Rolling Stone, the keep fishin video made their top 5 hot videos list.
- MTV: #3 on the "All things rock" countdown!
- Mtv2: not only is Keep Fishin winning "Control Freak", the "undone" video is too!
- MuchMusic Canada: holds its spot at number 12
- MuchMoreMusic Canada: the vid is popping up on the MMMTop10.com, where viewers vote on which videos are played.
- Fox Kids Brazil: played the video during "Zorro"!
- College Television Network: on their top 10 countdown, Dope Nose was #3 and Keep Fishin' was #1! Your votes count for the "All Request Thursday"!
- Mtv2 Europe: on the mtv2europe messageboards, a fan has started a weezer petition thread to get more weez played. your replied to the thread will help!

- in the 10/3 "hot" issue of Rolling Stone, theres a small, rather strange article on Rivers.
- in the October issue of Bicycling magazine, Floyd Landis, one of the members of Lance Armstrong's Tour De France team is profiled, and he cites Weezer as one of the bands in "His Tunes" list.
- on fender.com , theres a cool litle interview with Scott regarding the Keep Fishin video, Floyd Pepper, and Slipknot.
- on emogame.com, an online flash video game about emo music [??], Rivers appears on level 1.

...fan stuff:
- "I recently purchased Nintendo's Life Simulation game Animal Crossing. The game is great, and there is an option where you can change the towns jingle that plays when you talk to one of the neighbors or when it hits the top of the hour. Anyway, I was toying with the jingle and decided to make a weezer jingle to the tune of Buddy Holly. You can only use 16 notes, so i decided to make the first line of the chorus ("wheeee oooo, i look just like buddy holly") and I believe I pulled it off really well and wanted to share it with other weezer fans that might have the game. Here are the notes to put in:
(Hold means the previous note continues)
F, Hold, D, Hold, C, A, C, D
C, B, A, Hold, G, Hold, Rest, Rest" ---Mitch

- "i was recently in tokyo visiting a friend of mine. i ventured into tokyo for a stop at the ever delicious mos burger and domokun shopping. on my way back out to the suburbs on the train i got lost. while i was staring at a map of kanji characters figuring that i was trapped in japan for the rest of my life (not a bad thing per se) a group of small japanese girls came up to me and started saying "weezer, weezer" (i was wearing a blur shirt). i told them in my broken japanese that i was indeed weezer. they were so excited to 'meet weezer' that they guided me back to my destination of choice and saved me. thanks weezer for rocking japan so hard that i found my way home." ---d.o.d.

Karlscorner-lionbullet.jpgKarlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgThe Lion And The Witch EP: + Keep Fishin' US cd single: out tomorrow!
...tomorrow both The Lion And The Witch EP and the US edition of the Keep Fishin' commercial single are being released. check the Lion and the Witch big page for more info, and a list of retailers that will be carrying the EP. The Keep Fishin' US cd single is even more strictly limited than the EP, as its being considered an experiment by the label. Apparently it will only be available in certain cities, and not many cities to boot. More Lion and Witch info tommorrow!