Karl's Corner - 09/25/2002

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09/24/02 if I follow my mind

Karlscorner-lionbullet.jpgThe Lion And The Witch
...well the complete version of The Lion and The Witch's "Holiday" is now up on the A-V page for your downloading pleasure. The track on the cd was cut off before the post-song, uh, comedy started, so here is the full version for you.

many folks have written in with their stories, some triumphantly tracking the EP down, others tragically missing it. There is some confusion right now, centered around whether certain stores actually had, have, or are getting the cd. Here is what we know now:

- The Northern CA Rasputin Music chain, which was slated to carry the EP, had some sort of distribution problem and not all of its stores have gotten the EP yet. The Berkeley location got the EP but sold out the first day. [one fan wrote in that the register person said that Someone bought 32 copies in the morning and that they were giving away doughnuts to the next person to buy 32 or more!" The Valejo location had it, but they came in late. However, the Campbell, San Lorenzo, Newark, and Fremont locations did NOT get the EP, but determined fans who called their 800 number learned that SOME stores that didnt get the EP were expecting to get it on Thursday the 26th, the REST next Monday. One fan learned that "they said that they will have plenty of copies and that there is no limit per customer. The only thing is that you can't have them hold a copy!". Its likely best to call your particular Rasputins before heading out to find out if they got it yet.

- while the official count of EP's was supposed to be 25,000, individually numbered, fans have reported finding numbers as high as the 39,000's! A Geffen person said that they manufactured "just over" 25,000, and the high numbers would have been slated for promo copies. Also there may or may not be numbers below 10,000, as none have turned up to date...EDIT!...okay, many have now written in with their sub-10,000 numbers, so that blows that theory! We'll see...

- also note that the "hidden track" Polynesia does appear on the cd, but not as a hidden track. It was simply combined with the first song Dope Nose, as it was an intro piece anyway.

- we are working on sorting out "which track came from which Japan show" for you, as that info isnt on the EP.

- a special note from online retailer Vintage Vinyl was posted on our message boards here. This is required reading for anyone who ordered the EP from them and hasnt recieved it yet.

- also note that some fans have noted that the EP is indeed still available online for ordering at the Minnesota record distributor "Electric Fetus".

...the "demo battles" are coming to a close on Thursday the 26th on weezerdayz.cjb.net, so head on over and cast your vote!

...also up now in the A-V page is part 2 [of 3] of the Weezer Reading Festival show! enjoy!