Karl's Corner - 11/01/2000

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...welcome to November. another new clip is up for you, so click on the WFO link above...

...Today, during my usual frantic errand running, I decided to stop by Tower Records, and picked up the new Spin, (December 2000, with Papa Roach on the cover), and was happy to see some positive words and pix of weezer on page 162. I liked the article because it takes note of YOU, the fans, and your awesome devotion, and enthusiasm during this year's touring. Pat yourselves on the back, you definitely deserve it. ....(other purchases: This Is Spinal Tap DVD; "Sunset(Bird of Prey)" cd single by Fatboy Slim.) (Looked amazing: Beatles Anthology 'coffee table' book.)

...they continued rehearsals today, no recording though, as our engineer was unavailable. Rivers is still coming up with new songs at about 1 per day, and he thinks this will continue for awhile. That is one creative dude. Soon the process of weeding out will start, where ALL this years new songs are compared and debated by the band, and some of the "soldiers" will start to drop out...