Karl's Corner - 11/15/2000 (a)

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...Well, today weezer was visited in their home studio garage by the president of Geffen records, whose views of what weezer was doing were fairly unknown to date. We found out today, to the bands delight, that he is a very cool guy who thinks the new songs are "awesome", and he had lots of good ideas and suggestions for the band as they continue to write and record brand new songs and refine the slightly "older" ones from the past few weeks. Also, most importantly, he gave his full approval to the bands plan to get Ric out here and start album work in December! (...whether it all starts Dec. 1 is unknown, but give or take a few...)..So cross your fingers, folks, it seems hard to beleive after all the confusion and delays, but it looks like we have a record in the works here! ...One song he loved in particular was "The Christmas Song". He liked it so much in fact that he wisely suggested having it remixed in a professional studio, so it really sounds dynamite on the 2 song promo CD that Geffen is going to send out the radio stations soon. So, thanks to his great idea, tomorrow is "re-mix" day in a pro studio here in L.A. I'll be bringing the video camera along, and will hopefully be able to post up a little video preview late tomorrow!

...also re-done today was the "Santa" photo shoot, after Geffen decided they wanted a sharper set of images for the promo CD's art... So there we were again, deja-vu...