Karl's Corner - 11/22/2003

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11/22/03 rippity wrap up

...no pre-production work this weekend. Songwriting, housecleaning, grocery shopping instead.

...according to a bunch of rock stars and music critics, The Blue Album is the 297th best album of all time. See rollingstone.com [or the current issue of RS, #937 12/11] for more.

..."actually, we're here about your roomate, Ross Jensen. You know where we can find him?" "uh, actually I havent even seen him since last Friday... I had Weezer tickets and we were supposed to go but uh, he blew me off" - CSI, last week. [actually, we think maybe "Ross" wised up and checked the weezer.com tour page - and correctly surmised that his roomate had foolishly bought tickets to a show that didn't exist! "Ross" knew that if it ain't on weezer.com, its not happening...and why should he want to hang out with such a clueless roomate?]

...Blue Album Deluxe Edition: now definitely a 2004 release. Liner note writing and final tracklist selection should be wrapped up in December.

...DVD: also now definitely a 2004 release. All editing finally *really* finished at last, but possible additional footage to be added as time/space permits. Still a few nagging footage clearance issues that only patience can solve at this point. Packaging 95% done, awaiting pending text revisions. Menus in construction phase. Next up: authoring/architecture programming, including marrying the commentary tracks to video. Light at end of the tunnel!