Karl's Corner - 11/23/2013

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2013/11/23 Show: Bethlehem, Pennsyvania: Sands Casino Resort


After an all night drive down from Rama Ontario, we awoke in the pastoral Lehigh Valley, home of the once mighty original Bethlehem Steel mills. Wisely, once Bethlehem Steel folded up shop, the gigantic historic complex was cleaned up and re-purposed rather than knocked down. The Sands Casino was built on the grounds, and so here we are amongst the towering blast furnaces and old coke ovens... and slot machines. Tonight we have an opening act, Harkland, who are a local alt rock band. Were not familiar with them (yet) but its nice to have an opening act... it gets kinda lonely doing a headline show with no other bands. Also, it appears they employ a banjo at times to good effect.