Karl's Corner - 12/07/2002

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12/07/02 somewhere in the ancient mystic trinity

...it seems a lot of changes have been going on in the online ranks of weezdom. many weez websites have changed adresses, given up the ghost, or gone on hiatus. Coming shortly [hopefully 12-9] is a seriously updated weezer.com links page. We've been doing a thorough combing, to reflect all the changes that have been going on. In some cases we werent sure if a site had thrown in the towel or just stepped out of the ring for a while, [or we just liked the site and were sad it was going away] and these sites are being moved down to the "active?" file. Anyway, expect the revisions soon.

...Soundtrack alert: the soundtrack to "Smallville", out on Elektra Records, includes "Island in the Sun". In addition, the AM Radio song "I Just Wanna Be loved" is included.

...Maladroit Music book news: While the guitar Tablature book for Maladroit has been available for several weeks, on December 30th the Maladroit Transcribed Score book will be available from Hal Leonard. The Transcribed Score book features multiple instrument tabs.

In the November 2002 issue of Pro Sound News [Tom Dowd on cover], there is a feature on weezer's live sound engineers [assuming this to be Craig Overbay and Derek Van Ord, but this has yet to be confirmed]

In the new Rolling Stone magazine [#912/913, 2002 year in review issue], weezer's Maladroit got listed as one of the top 50 albums of 2002, and there are several other weez mentions throughout...