Karl's Corner - 12/10/2002

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12/10/02 law and order

...Well, you may be noticing the ads for the new Spike Jonze directed film "Adaptation". And you may recall how back in the spring the band was rehearsing and playing out a cover of the Turtles' song "Happy Together", for possible recording and inclusion in the film's soundtrack. Well, as it turns out, that is not to be the case. Spike really liked the weezer version and worked hard to find the right way to include it, but in the end realized that the original song fit the film better. Spike worked on the editing of the film for over a year straight, making what everyone [including weezer, who checked out the premeire several days ago] is saying could be the best film of 2002! According to Spike:

"With every little piece in the film, we experimented endlessy to find the balance, and that is why we were in the editing room for 13 months. So thank you again for participating in our search. I still listen to the acoustic version you did in the hotel. It’s really sad and pretty."

So, even though theres no weezer in the movie, check this baby out! Its gonna be quite a trip!