Karl's Corner - 12/10/2010

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2010/12/10 Webisode #30: By Way Of Introduction


Todays December Daily Weezer Webisode is now up! Weezer Webisode #30: "By Way Of Introduction". Yes, youre reading it right, the introduction comes 10 Webisodes into the series. You didnt want us to stick to the script, did you?

And coming later today: Webisode 30-A: the Introduction Xtranormal Remix!

Enjoy! and remember, we're adding a new webisode to yfrog every day from now till xmas! They are all automatically gathered on our yfrog Bloggie player page here.

...Find out how you could meet the band, win Rivers’ guitar, Pat’s drums or whatever you wish, from State Farm, here.

...One of weezer's trusted and gifted roadies, Doug Forsdick, has been nominated for "Roadie Of The Year" for his work with Weezer and Rod Stewart in the Tour Link Conference "Top Dog" award. Please vote for Doug! he frickin' rules and we love him. Please register at tourlinkconference.com to cast your vote!