Karl's Corner - 12/13/2007

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12/13/07 Omar coming

*update 12/14* Hey, theres a Scott Shriner fan interview being organized, over on weerez.com. Check it out! Details here.

...Folks, heres a "Stuff I Liked in 2007" list by Rivers, on the Harvard Crimson's website.

...Speaking of Rivers, you probably know that his "Alone" album is in stores next Tuesday 12/18. Due to Amazon.coms preview clip system, you can see the tracklist, and hear the clips of course, on their "Alone" page.

And vinyl lovers, do not fret - this album will be available on a slab o' wax. Not sure when its coming out exactly though. And theres more cool 'Alone' info to come. You know what Myspace page to keep an eye on!

People not in North America, Ive been scanning for info as to when/if "Alone" will be dropping locally for you. Ive seen info that indicated its coming out in January in the UK, but thats not confirmed yet. And I havent gotten word yet about other areas.

And heres an interesting interview with Rivers about 'Alone' on the Entertainment Tonight Canada page.

...Also note there is a (real) Rivers Facebook page now, as well as a Weezer Facebook page. If you Facebook, do the thang.

...Rolling Stone readers pick the 50 best songs over 7 minutes long, and "Only In Dreams" made the alphabetical list (see page 9).