Karl's Corner - 12/14/2003

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12/14/03 weekend bits

..weezer 5th album producer Rick Rubin granted Rollingstone.com a rare interview recently. Note that the weezer references mentioned in the interview are unconfirmed at this time.

...spotted hanging at the rock-n-roll hall of fame, its weezer's original "super =w=", built for the summer 1995 tour and in service thru 2001, when it was replaced by a new high tech version.


...in case anyone was looking for quality mp3s of weezer's 2 holiday songs 'The Christmas Song' and 'Christmas Celebration', 320kpbs files are available now on the audio - video page.

...one of the rarest examples of early weezer history was recently up for auction on ebay, but failed to meet reserve. Although there was no photo of the tape, the description was accurate enough to i.d. the cassette as an original 'yellow 3rd pressing' of the bands 11/92 demo tape, described and pictured in the 'tunes' page and the recording history pages. This may be the first sighting of a legit copy 'on the market'.

...these guys think the blue album is the 26th best album of the 90's, and that Pinkerton is at #53.

...strange mention #1: "Oh I see. I guess it wouldn't be so bad to take the bus. Because Weezer didn't play in Greenville last time out." -page 272, Al Franken's Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

...strange mention #2: "Workers are supposed to bring you great ideas and make you filthy rich. Instead they're sitting out there in cubicles try to figure out how to download the latest Weezer album." -page 199, Michael Moore's Dude, Where's My Country?

...strange mention #3....

...strange huh number what??

...and finally, whaaa? Scroll down to "California Election Theme" for links to a very odd 'Buddy Holly' parody audio clip...