Karl's Corner - 12/18/2007

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12/18/07 Alone is out now!

karl koch, photography © 2007

Hey folks, today is the day - out NOW on Geffen Records is "Alone: The Home Recordings Of Rivers Cuomo". Its an 18 track collection of Rivers's demos from 1992-2007, including some short "not-really song" clips that are cool too. The CD booklet is totally loaded with very interesting info and liner notes written by Rivers himself. While it's not a weezer album, it is essential to any weezer fan looking to dig a little deeper - and be rewarded!

"Alone" is available wherever good music is sold in stores, digitally on itunes (direct link here - launches iTunes), not to mention Amazon.com and lots of other fine online and digital retailers.

Note that Alone WILL be on vinyl LP, but that format is not out just yet. And news on Alone's availablity and release date in other countries is pending.

And speaking of "Alone", check out this Rivers interview podcast, recorded on 10/15/07. And there will be more to come!

...Meanwhile, in the months leading up to next spring's 6th Weezer album release (yet to be titled despite what some have seen in print), there is other news with weezer members:
* According to Brian,his other band The Relationship is back on track with some fresh faces in the mix and new recordings are in the pipeline. Expect more Relationship stuff fairly soon.
* Patrick Wilson is expecting his 2nd baby soon! Congrats to Pat! He will be recording a new The Special Goodness album in what looks like early spring '08.
* Dont forget about the Scott Shriner fan interview being organized, over on weerez.com. Send in your questions for Scott! Check it out! Details here.

...and speaking of the upcoming 6th Weezer album due in the spring: it is still not titled, despite what you may have read or heard elsewhere. "If it ain't on weezer.com..."