Karl's Corner - 12/25/2010

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2010/12/25 Happy Holidays! | Webisode #45: Weezer Fans Are The Best Fans


...Todays (final) December Daily Weezer Webisode is now up! Weezer Webisode #45 "Weezer Fans Are The Best Fans". We hope you have enjoyed this unprecidented run of 25 daily weezer webisodes! Look for more webisodes in the new year. For now, let's have some peace on Earth and goodwill to our fellow humans, not to mention some kindness to animals! Thank you everyone for a great 2010 - for helping make it another one for the weezer record books. It's your devotion and enthusiasm that has made weezer the long lasting rock machine it is today! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyeux Noel, Splendiferous Kwanzaa, and of course Happy Rotten Festivus!

...VOTE WEEZ! DEFEAT CHEESE! We're in Google's fun new demo slam competition, here. Vote for weezer if you think we beat that caroling kid to our left!