Karl's Corner - 12/26/2013

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2013/12/26 Show: Aspen, CO: Belly Up Aspen


Today the Weezer Squadron reassembles like Voltron up in the mountains of Colorado, for the first of 2 shows at the Belly Up Aspen club in Aspen. Pat Wilson and Scott Shriner arrived a bit early to enjoy Christmas on the slopes, the rest of the team is getting into position now. These are the last 2 shows of the year and the first time the band has played the day after Christmas.

The guys have played the high peaks of Coloroado once before at the Vail Snow Daze 2010 festival. That show was outdoors and required winter gear on stage. These new shows are thankfully at the decidedly indoor Belly Up Aspen, and are being opened by Black Pistol Fire, a 2 piece rock band who are roughly in the vein of the Black Keys, except theyre Canadian and moved to Austin TX. Should be fun!