Karl's Corner - 12/27/2013

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2013/12/27 Show: Aspen, CO: Belly Up Aspen #2



Courtesy Scott, heres the scene on stage after soundcheck today...

Day two in Aspen! Brian rode the gondola to the top of the mountain and proclaimed the view "scary". Pat shrapled on his snowboard. Later Pat had pizza with Karl. Rivers drank tea and rested his voice. Scott marched through the snow to a metallic beat as his son leaned to snowboard. All in all a good day in Aspen, leading to soundcheck and soon the show itself. Last night was a lot of fun as the guys took the small cozy stage in the small cozy Belly Up club, and rocked it hard, while some high tech lighting and smoke kept things looking crazy. Should be another similar experience shortly tonight!

Black Pistol Fire opens again tonight, they rocked hard last night! Good band, dont miss them!