Karl Koch personal letter to Justin Hoenke, 1998

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Karl Koch, Weezer roadie and co-founder of the Weezer Fan Club (among other duties), wrote a letter to fan club member Justin Hoenke in 1998 answering a number of questions. The letter included information on B-sides, side bands, future releases, and other miscellaneous subjects.


Justin, what's up?
good questions As usual
I hope you got 'zine #12
And That helped a little bit
As for the details, Heres
the best that I can do at
the moment...
1) b-sides Album... was proposed
for sometime after the 3rd
Album. Isn't "for sure" though
2) New Album. Nothing on tape yet—
Still Rehearsing (zine #13 will have
extensive info on this, & song titles
+all that—no details on "New"
stuff can be official yet)

3) S.G. 'dropped'—no, But
Pat voluntarily left when
they didn't schedule his Record
+ said that they werent
going to push it anytime
soon. (Pat's A+R guy got out-
voted or something)
4) RentalsMatts hard at work
still... heres for a mid '98
release... "for the ladies"—
A bunch of people seem to
have it, check that internet
for a "dubbing" buddy...

*if desperate, let me know, but you should
be able to find it
out there...

5) no new space twins
7" (yet). did you order
the "osaka" 7"? its good!

6) getting up + leaving/I swear its...
are probly going to wait for
a while — b-side album?
(the band still likes the songs)
7) I know nothing About
bootlegs, but people write
in w/ info (not on me at
the moment)—older ones
that aren't "Geezer"+"American
Holiday" would be: "Rock Candy"
but I cant help you —>

As far as your
Fan club only
cassette (+ For that matter
VHS) of Rare + real rare
=w= stuff, well I like
the idea + have already
started Planning it, but Its
a legal—geffen thing...(Not
just the band saying its cool
(they would))... I know you
(+ folks like you) Just want
the "O.G." stuff + I do
have it all + would love to
share it but its gotta be

fully approved + cool w/
Geffen + the Band first
so... It kinda floats...
believe me theres plenty
more besides the already
"leaked" out Paperface, lets sew
our Pants, Wayne, Theif... +
the known b-sides/outtakes...
But its not like I can
just start dubbing tapes,
that wouldnt be cool w/ Rivers
(not that he wouldnt approve of
some stuff)... so Its sticky +
theres never time to do this kind
of thing Right, y'know? —>

Any way Thanks for
the good letter, you
Always give me
inspiration for 'zine

Take care



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