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Karlification, a variation on the word clarification, is the term coined by Weezer fans to denote the authentication of facts about the band by long-time friend and associate Karl Koch.


Often, when rumors or disinformation about Weezer abound on the internet (or through word of mouth), elements of the fan base will invariably seek Koch's wisdom. This is done by emailing him directly through the band's official site, or requesting his presence at message board websites, such as Allthingsweezer, and, occasionally, in person at various Weezer functions. He posts under the name Karlophone, also the name of his music project. Being so close to the band, and due to his impeccable track record, the level of trust in Koch the fans show is inestimable. Things that have been confirmed or denied by Koch over the years include rumors of the band's breakup, album titles and release dates, and single releases and formats.

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