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Kevin Ridel (born December 6, 1969) is long-time collaborator and friend of Rivers Cuomo's. He is the former lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the now-defunct band AM Radio, who toured with Weezer in 2002. Cuomo served as a manager for this band for a time. Prior to fronting AM Radio, Ridel was the lead singer and principal songwriter of Ridel High from 1995 - 1998. He was also the lead singer of Avant Garde, a band of Rivers Cuomo's prior to Weezer. He was the inspiration for the Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo song "I Admire You So Much."

A Riverpedia entry from September of 2020 describes Ridel, with a few typos:

I've known him since my senior year of high school. 1987. He was the singer of my band in Connecticut, avant-garde. One of the guys I moved to LA with in 89. He drove a Camaro. I was scared to ride with him at first but he was a surprisingly slow and careful driver. We would cruise around looking for girls. The Manchester parkade. His dad was a very manly construction worker. But Kevin and his brother Eric had a very effeminate glam side. They would spend a long time looking in the mirror in the bathroom, applying hairspray. He was one of my early heroes as a songwriter. It is very naturally gifted, writing a song everyday and really enjoying the process. Who's the first guy I knew they paid attention to pop music and noticed melodies and hooks.


With Ridel High

Studio albums

Year Title Label
1997 Hi-Scores Elektra
1998 Emotional Rollercoaster Polydor Japan


Year Title Label
1995 "A Mouthful of You" Elektra
1998 "Ridel High" Elektra
1998 "Self Destructive" Elektra

With AM Radio

Studio albums

Year Title Label
2003 Radioactive Elektra
2007 Reactive Polydor Japan
2009 Bigger Better Bolder Brighter Self-released


Year Title Label
2003 "Taken for a Ride" Elektra
2003 "I Just Wanna Be Loved" Elektra