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Laurel (spelled a number of different ways, including Laura, Laural, Lloral, etc.) is a fictional character from "Songs From The Black Hole," Weezer's unfinished rock opera.


Laurel is sometimes referred to as "the good girl," and Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo has planned for Rachel Haden to voice Laurel's role. The character has a relatively small role in the plot line that Cuomo developed. The main character, Jonas, sings "Superfriend" with her after he has struggled with his relationship with Maria. He thinks he has fallen in love with Laurel from this experience, but she tries to convince him that he's simply being rash. Laurel then reappears for "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams," in which she laments exactly what the title suggests. Some fans guess that Laurel is singing this song about Jonas, bemoaning the fact that she loves him but missed her chance to be with him by turning him away ("Superfriend"). However, the lyric "And I see him everyday/Even though my love is a world away" suggests that Laurel's love is not Jonas. It is possible that Laurel and Jonas did in fact have some type of relationship, which then ruined Laurel's relationship with her previous boyfriend/husband.

Descriptive notes about Laurel (November 28, 1994)

  • Intellectual Ideal
  • Moral Ideal
  • Studious
  • Smart, cultural
  • Highly moral
  • School/nose to grindstone
  • Work productivity
  • Family
  • Monogamy
  • [illegible]
  • Poor
  • Stays home
  • Illusion

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