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This page attempts to catalogue all artists (musicians, poets, etc.) who have sat in with Weezer. For the inverse page to this list, see List of artists that Weezer has sat in with.

Artist Collaboration Date Recording/Video (if avail.) Photo (if avail.)
Allison Allport Played harp with the band on multiple occasions, live and in the studio. 10/22/2009
A second time in 2009
Youtube link to officially released audio of "Rainbow Connection" from Muppets: The Green Album
Sara Bareilles Sang a duet-version of "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" with Rivers Cuomo numerous times, both live and for radio performances. 2009 YouTube link to "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" played for a radio session. The audio eventually released on Raditude ...Happy Record Store Day!.
Anthony Burulcich Played drums live with Weezer to replace an absent Pat Wilson, who was attending to a family emergency. 07/27/2013, 07/25/2013, 08/02/2013 Youtube link to "We Are All On Drugs" from the Las Vegas show, 07/27/2013.
Sarah Brown Choreographed, directed, and danced in Weezer's performance of "Miss Sweeney" during the 2008 AOL sessions. Video released on July 24, 2008. Youtube link to performance
Daniel Brummel Helped cowrite Eulogy for a Rock Band. Played keyboards on the 2014 Everything Will Be Alright in the End Tour along with playing tambourine and guitar on a live acoustic performance of Go Away. 2014 Youtube link to performance
Aaron Brunoof Awolnation Sat in with the band for "Do You Wanna Get High? at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. Bruno would go on to collaborate with Cuomo on "Pacific Coast Highway in the Movies," released in 2020. December 12, 2015 Youtube link to performance (time-stamped)
David Campbell Arranged and performed string section on the song "Always." January 20, 2001 YouTube
Michael Cera Plays mandolin and sings back up vocals on "Hang On" from Hurley C. 2009 Youtube link to officially released audio.
Chamillionaire Rapped an original verse during "Can't Stop Partying" to replace an absent Lil' Wayne, who was in prison at the time. 10/22/2009
Youtube link to Sessions@AOL recording of "Can't Stop Partying."
Bethany Cosentino Co-wrote, sings on, and appeared in the music video for "Go Away" from Everything Will Be Alright in the End. Cosentino has also sang live with the band a number of times. 2013-2014 Youtube link to live studio session recording of "Go Away," 2014.
Stephanie Eitel Sang back up vocals on studio version of "Beverly Hills" from Make Believe. Performed live with the band on The Late Show with David Letterman and at a show in July of 2005. 2003; 07/19/2005; September 3, 2005 YouTube link to Letterman performance
Letterman performance
Pat Finn A longtime friend of the band, Finn sat in with the band for "Undone (The Sweater Song)" during a show in Portland, Oregon on the Foozer Tour. October 25, 2005 Not circulating
Jason Freese Performed a fairly difficult-to-hear saxophone part on "The Other Way" from Make Believe. C 2003 YouTube link to officially released audio
Josh Freese Perhaps the most prolific guest musician in Weezer's history. Played drums with the band from 2009 through 2011, when Pat Wilson was playing guitar live. Also recorded with the band for Raditude. 2009 - 2011 YouTube link to "Buddy Holly" live in Naeba, Japan.
See also: Raditude
Kenny G Played an original (and purportedly improvised) saxophone solo on "I'm Your Daddy" during the 2009 Sessions@AOL. October 22, 2009 YouTube link to Sessions@AOL video.
Jorge Garcia Featured on the cover of Hurley. Joined the band live on stage for several dates in 2010 2010 Youtube link to a performance of "Perfect Situation," 09/21/2010.
Weezer concert: 09/21/2010 - Los Angeles, CA
Petra Haden Recorded the violin part for "Worry Rock" February 12, 2003 Youtube link to officially released audio.
Rachel Haden Recorded lead vocal for "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams", performed live with the band several times throughout their career June 1996; January 21, 2011 Youtube link to live performance of "Dreams" in 2011.
Performing "Dreams" in 2011 in Las Vegas, NV
Tanya Haden Recorded the cello part for "Worry Rock" February 12, 2003 Youtube link to officially released audio.
Karl Koch Though it is certainly inappropriate to classify Koch's work with Weezer as "sitting in," as he has contributed in fundamental ways to the group's aesthetic and development over their entire career, Koch has had several more concrete contributions to Weezer's output that warrant inclusion in this list. He has photographed countless Weezer performances, performed live with the band (most notably during the Memories Tour), directed six of the band's videos, three of Cuomo's solo videos, and one Special Goodness video, and produced, directed, and edited the band's only proper DVD release. He is the band's chief historian and documentarian. He appears on several Weezer recordings, most notably performing the percussion on "Butterfly," but also: "Undone - The Sweater Song" (spoken word intro and post-chorus, "piano madness" in outro), "Buddy Holly" (handclaps), "Across the Sea" (incidental noises), "The Good Life" (cymbal roll), "Don't Let Go" (backing vocals), "Last Chance" (unreleased; backing vocals), and the Karlophone remix of "The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World" (engineer). 1992 - present YouTube link to "Say It Ain't So" music video, which features a cameo from Koch.
A small portion of Koch's Weezer vault.
Timothy "Speed" Levitch Improvised slam poetry during live performances of "Undone (The Sweater Song)." June 20, 1997
June 6, 2001
YouTube link to "Undone (The Sweater Song)" during a session at Philadelphia radio station Y100.
Levitch with Pat Wilson, 2002.
Ryan Maynes (AKA "Shmedly") Played keyboards during the Album 5 Demos session. 2002 YouTube link to "Prodigy Lover" being recorded in studio, from the Video Capture Device.
In the studio recording "Prodigy Lover"
Kacey Musgraves Joined the band onstage in Nashville, TN for "Island in the Sun" July 13, 2016 YouTube link to live performance
Musgraves with the band
Julia Nunes Joined the band onstage at Bonnaroo for "Trippin Down the Freeway." June 12, 2010 YouTube link to Bonnaroo performance.
Adam Orth Played bass on "Tragic Girl" to replace an absent Matt Sharp. 1996 Youtube link to released version of the song.
Frances Quinlan Sang the female vocal part on "Go Away" live in Philadelphia, PA. October 25, 2014 Youtube link to the performance.
Scott Riebling Played bass during the "Pink Triangle" single sessions to replace an absent Matt Sharp, who was recording Seven More Minutes. The sessions were not released until 2010's Pinkerton reissue. Spring 1997 YouTube link to "Getting Up and Leaving."
Akiko Tarumoto Violinist featured on "The Damage in Your Heart." Tarumoto is a member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. C. fall 2003 Youtube link to officially released audio of "The Damage in Your Heart."
Rainn Wilson Played bongos with Rivers Cuomo on a cover of "One of Us," recorded in promotion of Alone II. Wilson also - somewhat notoriously - suggested the name "Raditude" for Weezer's seventh album. C. April 2009 Youtube link
"Weird Al" Yankovic Appeared on stage with Weezer for an accordion solo over "Africa." Performs in the "Africa" music video. August 8, 2018 Youtube link to live performance

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