Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer

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Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer
Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer cover
Released October 9, 2002
Genre Biography
Length 1:07:27
Label Chrome Dreams

Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer is an unauthorized biography released on CD by the label Chrome Dreams in 2002. The package also features a 8-page booklet and a fold-out poster. The CD sometimes gets packaged with another unauthorized CD, called Weezer: The Interview, in a double CD set called The Lowdown.


Maximum Weezer received mostly negative feedback from fans. Karl Koch posted negative fan-reviews upon the CD's release [1]. The narrator frequently mispronounces names (Rivers Cuomo as CUE-omo) and gets easy facts wrong.

Track list

No. Title Length
1. "Transcending Geek Rock"   7:30
2. "Sound of the Suburbs"   5:37
3. "Initial Struggle"   4:40
4. "Going Overground"   10:01
5. "The Dark Side"   7:04
6. "Dropping Out"   5:10
7. "A Period of Transition"   5:00
8. "Warped and Driven"   7:25
9. "Enlightened Souls"   4:50
10. "Behind the Mask"   4:19
11. "Back on the Block"   5:45


Clean-cut, cute and geeky, nostalgists but also innovators, spiky as well as melodic, the LA-based quartet Weezer have transcended their somewhat preppy image to create some of the most enduring music of the post-grunge era. This wacky outfit, with their self-conscious lyrics, trebly middle-eights and razor-sharp melodic nous, have received massive praise for their eclectic musical deliberations. Described as a cross between Bad Brains and The Cars, Weezer have survived emotional turmoil and fluctuating fortunes to establish themselves as a major league alternative act.

1. Transcending Geek Rock
Taken on their own idiosyncratic terms, Weezer have proved that the most unabashed musical underdog can rock as hard as the big boys of today's US rock scene. They specialise in hooky, buoyant, comparatively modest pop songs.

2. Sound of the Suburbs
The Weezer story begins in the US suburbs where, like their peers before them, the band members are influenced by their parents' record collections and learn their trade in bad metal cover-bands.

3. Initial Struggle
The group are formed in 1993 by four Hollywood friends, who spend a year gigging around the LA circuit, largely finding an indifferent response from audiences who won't give them the time of day.

4. Going Overground
Weezer sign to major label Geffen, and recruit The Cars' frontman Ric Ocasek to produce their debut album. The album's first single 'Buddy Holly' is a massive smash and helps the LP to become a blockbuster hit.

5. The Dark Side
Unsettled by their sudden success the band take a well-earned breather, while Rivers Cuomo goes back to school. They return in 1996 with their darker second album Pinkerton, which attracts considerable acclaim, but flops commercially.

6. Dropping Out
Amidst disputes and unrest in the Weezer camp, they embark upon a lengthy sabbatical from the scene. Rumours of a split persist and Cuomo is depicted as a madman or a Brian Wilson-styled obsessive recluse. Side projects suggest that the end is nigh.

7. A Period of Transition
Mikey Welsh replaces Matt Sharp and the band continue playing on an irregular basis. Cuomo's year of rock star excesses takes its toll, as he drops out of Harvard and moves back to LA. However, somehow he refocuses his mind and energy and rediscovers his creative powers.

8. Warped and Driven
Inspired by a burst of creativity, Cuomo and co take the plunge to perform live again under alter egos, landing a spot on the 2000 Warped Tour. The buoyant response encourages Cuomo to return to the studio with Ocasek to make a third album.

9. Enlightened Souls
With Maladroit, Weezer return in majestic style, conquering critics and punters alike. The album's melodic pop sensibility is accessible enough to win favour with a new generation of fans. Their 'Enlightenment' tour in July and August 2002 consolidates their reputation as high priests of post-grunge alternative rock.

10. Behind the Mask
What are the band's influences? Who inspired them to make music, and what is it that drives Rivers Cuomo to create his art?

11. Back on the Block
These comeback kings remain impervious to the vagaries of fashion and deliver knock-out punches with a guitars, bass, drums formula. They will continue to plough their distinctive furrow, irrespective of the transience of trends.


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