Meet the Deedles Soundtrack

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'Meet the Deedles Soundtrack
Meet the Deedles Soundtrack cover
Soundtrack by Various Artists
Released March 24, 1998
Recorded N/A
Genre Rock
Length 33:46
Label Mercury
Producer N/A
Professional reviews


The Meet the Deedles soundtrack was released in conjunction with a 1998 Disney movie that has since been largely forgotten. The album is comprised mainly of third-wave ska bands, which was a movement that was huge at the time.

The album also notably includes the song "American Girls" by Homie, Rivers Cuomo's short-lived, late-90s solo project. It is the only official release of any recording by Homie.

Track listing

  1. "Wrong Thing Right Then" 3:09 - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  2. "Lady Luck" 3:57 - Dance Hall Crashers
  3. "Seems Like Yesterday" 3:00 - Goldfinger
  4. "Dr. Bones" - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
  5. "I Can't Wait" 3:22 - Hepcat
  6. "Psycho Gremmie" 2:48 - Gary Hoey
  7. "For You" 2:20 - Save Ferris
  8. "Go Where You Go" 2:26 - Geggy Tah
  9. "Failing and Leaving" 3:42 - Radish
  10. "American Girls" 4:15 - Homie
  11. "Hawaii Five-O" 1:24 - Perfect Thyroid
  12. "Who Are Those Guys? - Steve Bartek

Personnel on American Girls

  • Rivers Cuomo - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, lyrics, and melody
  • Yuval Gabay (of Soul Coughing) -- drum loops
  • Matt Sharp - co-producer and background vocals
  • Sebastian Steinburg (of Soul Coughing) -- upright bass
  • Pat Wilson - miscellaneous, drum playing (what got looped)
  • Greg Brown (of Cake) -- electric guitar (lead and solos)
  • Brian Bell - backing vocals
  • Justin Fisher - backing vocals
  • Adam Orth - backing vocals
  • Todd Sullivan - backing vocals

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