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Haden (right) with Tom Grimley as a member of Recess.

Petra Haden is a violinist and singer, born on October 11, 1971.


Haden has been a member of several recording outfits, including that dog. and The Rentals. She is the daughter of the jazz bassist Charlie Haden and the triplet sister of bassist Rachel Haden (her bandmate in that dog.) and cellist Tanya Haden (married to singer and actor Jack Black).

Car accident

In August of 2000, Petra was the victim of a brutal car accident as she crossed a street in Venice, California. winding up in a coma and with major injuries. She broke several ribs, her pelvis, and nearly lost an eye. Doctors inserted a permanent metal rod in her right leg. Her hospital stay and subsequent physical and cognitive rehabilitation therapy resulted in a successful recovery, but incurred astronomical medical bills.

Without any medical insurance, the music community on both coasts banded together to perform a string of benefits to help her with her recovery and her bills. These benefits included performances by Beck, Tenacious D, her brother Josh Haden (Spain), Stephen Perkins, The GoGo’s, Vincent Gallo, Sean Lennon, Miss Murgatroid and many more.

Likewise, a double seven-inch benefit record was released by Vegas Records in 2003, including exclusive tracks by Weezer, Phantom Planet, Ben Kweller, and AM Radio. With the love and support of her friends and family, Petra made an astonishing recovery and by 2003 was back at work creating her own music and collaborating again.


with that dog.

This discography lists only that dog.'s albums. For more detail, please see that dog.


  • Imaginaryland (WIN, 1996)
  • Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out (Bar/None Records, 2005)

with Miss Murgatroid

  • Bella Neurox (WIN, 1999)

with Bill Frisell

  • Petra Haden and Bill Frisell (Sovereign Artists, 2005)

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