Piece of Hay

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"Piece of Hay"
Single by Southern Fried Swing
Length 1:06
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson and Karl Koch
Status unreleased

"Piece of Hay" is a song by Southern Fried Swing.


The song was first heard by fans as part of a Pat Wilson Ustream on an unknown date. Pat played the song through a speaker, calling it "kinda gross".


border-left: 1px solid #aaa The lyrics for this song are incomplete or missing. Can you help us fill them in? If so, we encourage you to make a move!

!!! = Purposeful gibberish

I pulled a piece of hay out of the cow's ass again
I don't know why I told Jebediah, but can't do that

??? that you find inside
You find a folder that the FBI would hide
You look at the things that you ???
??? came out from the ass

There was corn, there was barley
There was oats, there was a Harley
All these things were given to me
By the ???

He pulled him out of that cow's udder
I'm scared, I think I should shudder
You should've kicked them all in the ass
Why can't you just get in your car and patch me up again?

And don't you ever try
!!!, !!!

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