Pinkerton Tour

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Tour dates

Editor's Note: All of these dates, cities, venues and festival names were checked and, if necessary, corrected. So they may vary from other sources. In some cases individual notes were made when given information were contradictory.


  • Note: The show on August 22 is listed in the Super Chrono but not in Rivers' Catalog of Riffs. According to Karl's tour diary, published in the official Weezer fan club magazine, NoFX and Lagwagon were also performing on this date. Weezer-unrelated sources date the show with these two bands August 15. It is most likely that Karl just misdated this show. It also seems very unlikely that Weezer played a show in Austria between two dates in the United Kingdom.

Los Angeles

Australia and Japan

North America

Opening acts: Superdrag, Placebo, Ash

North America

Opening act: Nerf Herder

Opening for No Doubt

North America

Opening act: The Pulsars


Additional dates

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