The Relationship

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The Relationship
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 2006 - 2017
Label(s) Golden State Records
Burger Records
Former Members
Brian Bell
Jon LaRue
Justin Goings
Brandon Graham
Nate Shaw
Eric J. Dubowsky
Jason Hiller
Ben Peeler
Blair Sinta
Deron Johnson
Anthony Burulcich

The Relationship was a band founded in by Weezer guitarist Brian Bell and musician Nate Shaw. The band has featured multiple lineups, with Brian Bell as the only consistent member.


The Relationship's debut album was confirmed to be in development as early as 2006. According to Karl Koch, Luther Russell and Sean Lennon contributed to the album [1] as it existed at that time. The band released numerous song demos on the band's Myspace page in 2006, and later released re-worked versions of those demos in late 2008 and early 2009. The band opened for Weezer on three dates of the band's 2008 Troublemaker Tour in California. On November 17, 2010, unveiled the album artwork for the band's eponymous debut album on Facebook with a release date of November 30. The Relationship's sound is heavily influenced by 60s and early 70s pop rock and has been compared by fans[who?] to Lou Reed and early Beatles music.

The band released their second studio album, Clara Obscura, in 2017. In an interview with Bell for the Spanish magazine Rockzone in 2019, Bell confirmed that the band is now over, and that he is more content focusing his efforts on Weezer.[2]

On August 19, 2020, Bell posted a clip of a version of the song "Mother Night" to his private Instagram account along with the announcement of a new album with the description "Original 2006 lost RELATIONSHIP record found! Coming soon!"[3]




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