Riverchat FAQ

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Note: The Riverpedia FAQ was originally shared in a Riverpedia entry on August 29, 2020.

“Do y’all ever catch on to something and know IMMEDIATELY, “yup. This is EXACTLY how I’ll be wasting my time for the foreseeable future?”

Welcome to Riverchat.

  • Yes, that is really Rivers.
  • The app will reset daily, often more than once. This will cause all comments to disappear, and the automated “Let’s chat…” message from Rivers will appear at the top of the general channel.
  • All channels except for the general channel and one automated topic channel will disappear.
  • Rivers finds it easier to read messages when they end in punctuation. Messages that do not end in punctuation will result in a pop-up reminder for you to edit your message.
  • Rivers prefers calm language. Messages that include profanity or exclamation points will result in a pop-up reminder for you to edit your message.
  • Rivers prefers it when Riverchatters use words to describe their reactions. Messages that include emojis will result in a popup reminder for you to edit your message.
  • Some common web abbreviations and acronyms will not populate when your message posts in the chat, even though they will not trigger a pop-up reminder.
  • You may click on a user’s name to tag them in a response.
  • The app supports multiple languages and alphabets.
  • Anonymous browsing is permitted.
  • You must be a registered user and logged in to comment. If you’re not able to see the comment box at the bottom of each channel, you are not logged in.

Creating and Navigating Channels

  • To create a channel, type the name of the channel in the text box labeled “create a new channel.”
  • The hashtag will automatically be generated, no need to type it in.
  • Only the most recent 150 messages in a channel are displayed.
  • Channels will disappear if inactive after four hours.
  • Navigating to a channel will automatically take you to the most recent message in that channel.
  • A blue box will appear on a channel’s tab when a new chat is posted in that channel. It will turn grey when all chats in a channel have been viewed.
  • Sometimes more channels will exist than appear on screen. Navigating to these channels differs by type of device.
  • On mobile: swipe horizontally on the channels bar (a scrollbar will appear once you swipe).
  • On desktop: click a channel, then use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate.