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Flavored electrolyte tablets I use to make sure I drink enough water. I like a variety of flavors. The electrolytes help the water absorb quickly so I can drink more. I only put nuun in my nalgene bottles.

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Sound the Alarm

Something to do with The Knocks

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Van Weezer

One of the upcoming Weezer albums.

Known tracks: (unordered)

  1. End Of The Game:

Bridge is from EWBAITE outtake "What I Want is to be Wanted By You"

  1. Beginning of the End:

Repurposed from 2010 song "Rock and Roll Cockroach". BOTE uses the (same/different) chorus and (same/different) bridge from RARC.

  1. I Need Some Of That:

Written before Hurley. OG release on Nimaime, S&R.

  1. She Needs Me:
  2. Precious Metal Girl:
  3. I've Thrown It All Away:

Blue-era song recorded for Van Weezer.

  1. Sheila Can Do (It):

Homie song

  1. Blue Dream:

Late 2010 song Ballad of the Briny mashed up with a classic metal song.

  1. Hero

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Lina Rivers, what is waig?

Rivers Lina, waig.

Tiffany Lina, it stands for “what am I, google?”

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