Rivers at TK - Binchy Bingewater

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Rivers at TK - Binchy Bingewater is a collection of songs from the TK demos sessions recorded by Rivers Cuomo in early 1999 at TK Productions in West Los Angeles. Some of these demos were leaked online on November 7, 2020.

Cuomo recorded this demo after the band ceased attempts at developing their third album and prior to the Catalog O' Riffs project.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Rivers Cuomo. 
No. TitleCOR# Length
1. "Girl's Soccer"  TK-10 2:18
2. "Riff in A-F# (Funny Bones)"  TK-11 1:21
3. "It Feels Good (Finger Burns)"  TK-12 2:55
4. "Riff in G#"  TK-13 0:51
5. "E-A Riff"  TK-14 2:31
6. "Saturday Night Another City Dream"  TK-15 1:48
7. "Sunshine (I'm Falling Apart)"  TK-7 3:42
8. "Stars Shine Bright (Goodnight)"  TK-8 2:57
9. "Socialite"  TK-9 2:44
10. "How Many Places"  COR 3 0:45
Total length:

The Recording History also lists "Crazy One" as part of this demo, but those tracks were not included in the November 7, 2020 demo leak.

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