Scottie Chapman

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Scottie Chapman
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Background information
Born 1971
Origin Virginia Beach, VA
Associated acts

Scottie Chapman was the bassist for Fuzz, a band formed by Rivers Cuomo and Pat Wilson briefly in 1991 before leaving, shortly before the band's dissolution. According to Wilson in a Rolling Stone article [1], Chapman quit the band:

“She realized we were idiots,” says Wilson, laughing. “Rivers and I had a lot of facility on our instruments. She was like, ‘These guys are nerds.’ We were totally nerds. Rivers was smart enough to realize, ‘I need to not look like a nerd.’ I never gave a shit. I just wanted to play.”

Chapman went on to join the cast of the TV series Mythbusters, where she appeared in 24 episodes from 2004-2009 [2]. She now works as a dental hygienist.

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