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1711 Stoner Avenue was an apartment which served as a hub for many founding Weezer members between 1991 and 1992. The group of friends and bandmates who lived at or around this address were deemed the "Stoner Avenue Crew".


1711 Stoner Avenue is an apartment building in West Los Angeles. Patrick Wilson, Jason Cropper, and Pat Finn moved into unit #1(?) in approximately May 1991. Karl Koch then joined them in July. Meanwhile, Rivers Cuomo had moved into a room at 2914 Urban Avenue, just off Pico Blvd, about a mile away. Situated between the two residences was a Taco Bell (corner of Pico and Bundy), which was to become the primary source of nutrition for all concerned for over a year. The group living at the house expanded rapidly, as more friends moved into the area and all involved enjoyed the ever decreasing share of rent. First Takashi Hasegawa, Rivers' and Pat Finn's karate acquaintance from the Burbank Kyokushin Dojo and a Japanese national, moved in. Then Bob Hnilo of the Dum Dums lost his Hollywood apartment and joined the Stoner gang, setting up a queen sized bed in the already cramped living room, as well as a 4x8 sheet of plywood upon which he built a huge "Legoland" town in his increasingly spare time. Then another Dum Dum, Von Lono, moved in, bringing the permanent roomate numbers to 7, in a 2 bedroom apt. Along the way, shorter term residencies included a weird girl from Holland named Antionique, Tim Ganlee from Northern Cali (who had lived in Buffalo for several years prior to his return to California and thus was friends with Pat Finn and Karl Koch), Another NorCal acquaintance of Jason Croppers and Tim Ganlees, Jessee Humphereys (whose old VW Bus came in very handy on occasion for the 60 Wrong Sausages rehearsals). This loose association of persons later became referred to as the "Stoner Avenue Crew". In early 1992, Matt Sharp came down from his apartment near Berkely California, where he had been living since about May 1991 when he moved North to pursue sequenced semi-classical electronic music with female vocals in a studio apartment. He joined the as yet unnamed Weezer when they started rehearsing on Feb 15, 1992, and moved back to L.A. He stayed at Stoner for a little while in March '92 before he, Rivers, and Rivers' friend Justin Fisher found and started renting 2226 Amherst Avenue, which became known as the Amherst House, which included The Garage where weezer recorded demos and rehearsed for over a year and a half before getting signed and making The Blue album

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