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Superhero cover
Song by Chopper One
Album Hush: Los Angeles Acoustic
Released 1995
Format CD
Recorded August/September 1995 at Chateau Relaxeau
Length 3:31
Label Meltdown Records
Producer(s) Dave Bassett
Status Officially released

"Superhero" is a song by Chopper One. It has only appeared on the compilation CD Hush: Los Angeles Acoustic.


"Superhero" was recorded at producer Dave Bassett's Chateau Relaxeau Studios in in August or September of 1995 and is one of the earliest released Chopper One songs. It appeared on the CD compilation Hush: Los Angeles Acoustic, which showcased ten "emerging Los Angeles-based bands each performing an acoustical arrangement of one of their original songs."



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Back when she was a boy
Back when she had control
Love was a dream, whoa-oh
She could swear she knew it all
But she lived behind a wall
And she would scream

But you're my superhero
'Cause I've got less than zero

Back when I was a man
I could do more than I can
Answered her prayers
She cried, "It isn't fair!"
But people don't always care
Answered her prayers

'Cause you're my superhero
'Cause I've got less than zero
'Cause you're my superhero
'Cause I've got less than zero

She's stuck inside
The way she's been kept down
So long it's a crime

And she would scream,
"It was my dream"
'Cause you're my superhero
'Cause I've got less than zero

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