The Moog Cookbook

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The Moog Cookbook
The Moog Cookbook cover
Studio album by the Moog Cookbook
Released May 7, 1996
Format CD
Genre Synth-pop
Label Restless Records

The Moog Cookbook is the eponymous debut album by the band of the same name. The album was released on May 7, 1996, and features instrumental, synth-heavy covers of ten contemporary alternative rock songs, including Weezer's "Buddy Holly." According to Karl Koch, this cover was played over the PA system at various 1996 Weezer concerts as "post show" music.[1]

Track listing

No. TitleOriginal performer Length
1. "Black Hole Sun"  Soundgarden 4:22
2. "Buddy Holly"  Weezer 4:13
3. "Basket Case"  Green Day 4:04
4. "Come Out and Play"  The Offspring 5:00
5. "Free Fallin'"  Tom Petty 4:15
6. "Are You Gonna Go My Way?"  Lenny Kravitz 3:35
7. "Smells Like Teen Spirit"  Nirvana 5:29
8. "Evenflow"  Pearl Jam 4:28
9. "The One I Love"  R.E.M. 4:31
10. "Rockin' in the Free World"  Neil Young 5:03



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