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Trade Mark of Quality logo used on the B-Side & Unreleased CD

Trade Mark of Quality was a bootleg record label based in Los Angeles, California, during the late 1960s and early 1970s. After 1976, the original creators of the label ceased further production, however many faux bootleg producers used the label's name and logo on their own releases, continuing into the 2000's.

Weezer Releases

Cover Details
SplashClubcover.jpg Splash Club 1995
R-8211899-1457227122-4656.jpeg.jpg London Underworld
R-8226326-1457495337-2043.jpeg.jpg Back in the Garage
B-Side & Unreleased.jpg B-Side & Unreleased
  • Recorded:
    • Various
  • Released: Unknown
  • Catalog Number: None
  • Format: CD

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