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About me
Aboutme - User-Nikki4982.jpg
Icon - Globe.png I live in New Jersey.
I am 26 years old.
Icon - Pinkerton.png My favorite Weezer album is Pinkerton.
Icon - Albumsix.png I am an Albumsix boardie.
Aboutme - Rock Concert.jpg I`ve been to 3 Weezer concerts.
Aboutme - Aimlogo.jpg My AIM screen name is rochyorbust.
Icon - Lastfm.png I have a page.
Aboutme - YouTube.png My YouTube channel is nikki4982.
Aboutme - Myspace Logo.jpg I have a MySpace
Aboutme - antistache.jpg I am anti-moustache.
Icon - Scott Shriner is so hardcore.png Scott Shriner is so harcore that he does not sleep. He waits.

Hi, I'm Nikki, and I'm an alc.... oh wait, Weezer, right. Well let's see. I've been a Weezer fan since early 1997, when I bought Pinkerton and immediately fell in love with it. Before that, I'd loved "Buddy Holly," mostly thanks to the video being on Windows 95, but I don't really count that as being a "fan" yet. I finally joined the fun of the online Weezer community in the summer of 2008.

I love all =w= albums, but with that said...

Weezer album rankings that change every single day

1. Weezer Pinkerton.jpg Pinkerton
2. Weezer The Blue Album.jpg Blue
3. Weezer The Red Album.jpg Red
4. Weezer Maladroit.jpg Maladroit
5. Weezer Make Believe.jpg Make Believe
6. Weezer The Green Album.jpg Green

Weezer Concerts I've Attended

  • 2005.05.06 : Kool Haus, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • 2008.09.26 : Borgata Event Center, Atlantic City, NJ, USA
  • 2008.09.27 : Susquehanna Center, Camden, NJ, USA