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weezer introduction band bios staff bios =RWA= News Archive
a brief look at the history of weezer. a bit about each member of the band. the people you dont see rocking out on stage, who rock it out for the weez in other ways! alternate set of weez news, current up till 7/02.
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Super-Chrono Recording History Equipment History The Weezer Media Archive
Everything 1991-now! the most in depth look of weezer history anywhere. updates added frequently. details on just about everything weezer ever recorded: where, when, what. details on just about every piece of equipment used by the band, incl. where and when. Massive collection of hundreds of news articles and reviews dating back to '94!
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Blue, Pinkerton
Green, Maladroit
Lion + Witch EP
Newsstand revue
tunes tabs lyrics
Chart positons, News articles, and reviews on all weezers albums and singles. the mighty weezer discography fan submitted tabs (guitar, bass, drum, etc) band checked, correct lyrics