Weezer concert: 05/27/2002

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Weezer concert: 05/27/2002
Tour Japan World Cup Tour
Venue Nippon Budokan
Location Tokyo, Japan
Date May 27, 2002
Associated album Maladroit
Supporting acts AM Radio
Weezer live show chronology
05/26/2002 - Tokyo, Japan 05/27/2002 - Tokyo, Japan 07/06/2002 - Salt Lake City, UT

Weezer performed at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan on May 27, 2002 as the final show of the Japan World Cup Tour. The opening act was AM Radio. The performance of "El Scorcho" from this concert appears on The Lion and the Witch and the performance of "Photograph" appears as a B-side to the "Keep Fishin'" single.


No. Song
1 "Improv in A"   
2 "Island in the Sun  
3 "The Story Is Wrong  
4 "Dope Nose  
5 "Say It Ain't So  
6 "Don't Let Go  
7 "El Scorcho  
8 "Take Control  
9 "Surf Wax America  
10 "Photograph  
11 "Falling for You  
12 "Burndt Jamb  
13 "No One Else  
14 "Crab  
15 "The Good Life  
16 "Fall Together  
17 "Buddy Holly  
No. Song
18 "Hash Pipe  

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 05/27/2002
...after a special trip to "The Yellow Hat" store for all our Subaru accessory needs, it was off to the world famous Budokan hall, which was introduced to rock and roll by the Beatles over 30 years ago, and has become known for its elite status of shows ever since. Only the bands who have really made an impact on Japan have played this place, and its really got an air of reverence for all the heavy duty Sumo and Rock action that has taken place there over the years. Our sound man thought it would be clever to play Cheap Trick's live "at Budokan" album before weezers set tonight, but I was worried that playing "at Budokan" IN Budokan would send us all through a hole in the space-time continuum. I was wrong, fortunately. No big suprises in tonights setlist, but several songs appeared that have only very recently seen performance. Soundcheck time saw some run-throughs of the electric-style "Butterfly", but apparently the song wasnt ready for prime time. Big giant thanks to the weezer crew and the Japanese crew for rocking the gear, transportation, and organizational duties with aplomb! The World Cup Tour '02 went off really smoothly, and all the hard work paid off in spades!

- Karl Koch



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