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Weezerpedia exists to spread information and knowledge pertaining to Weezer and Weezer-related projects. It is the goal of all Weezerpedia editors to make this site into an accurate, comprehensive source of Weezer-related information, to be used by fans, critics, or any other interested readers of all kinds.


Policy and guideline pages should:

  • be clear and concise. Avoid esoteric legal terms and verbose dumbed-down language. Be both plain and concise. Clarity and terseness are not in opposition: direct and brief writing is more clear. Footnotes may be used for further clarification.
  • emphasize the spirit of the rule. Verbosity is not a defense against misinterpretation. Be unambiguous and specific: avoid platitudes and generalities. Don't theorize, and omit needless words, especially adjectives. If the spirit of the rule is clear, say no more.
  • maintain scope, avoid redundancy. Both purpose and scope must be clearly provided in the lead, and not merely as an aside.
  • avoid overlinking. Links should be used only when clarification or context is needed.Make it clear when links defer to things that they may not appear to defer to, and when they do not.
  • not contradict each other. The community's view cannot simultaneously be "A" and "not A". When apparent discrepancies arise between pages, editors at all the affected pages should discuss how they can most accurately represent the community's current position, and correct all of the pages to reflect the community's view.

See also

Weezerpedia shares nearly all of its policy with Wikipedia. For the policy that Wikipedia uses, which is a fuller, more detailed version of this page, see here. The authors of the text above can be found here.