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The Special Goodness is Patrick Wilson's side project. Wilson is the singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter for the band.

As other members of Weezer became restless due to periods of inactivity, or frustrated with Rivers Cuomo's dominance over the band's creative influx, they began to seek outside avenues to pursue their muse. Following Brian Bell's The Space Twins and Matt Sharp's The Rentals, Wilson decided to get into the act.

The Special Goodness can trace its roots back to 1994, when Wilson made a seven-track demo tape under the name Suburban Advantage. Featuring a drum machine, it was his first concerted attempt at a quality demo of his own material.

In late 1995, amidst various Pinkerton sessions, Wilson found the time to record no less than three different demos as Huge Guy. These recordings evolved directly into the early 1996 sessions for his debut, The Special Goodness. Although credited as Patrick Wilson, the album's title belies the fact that it is the true first Special Goodness release. Unfortunately, it was released only in Japan, and a full two years later at that.

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