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"Blast Off!" is a song by Rivers Cuomo which was intended to be the opening track to the unfinished rock opera, Songs from the Black Hole. Although previously leaked, this song saw an official release on Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo, where it has a fixed intro (the original has the world 'blast' truncated) and also leads directly into "Who You Callin' Bitch?" as was intended for Track List 2.

The lead-off track (Act 1, Scene 1) for Songs from the Black Hole is a dramatic rock song with a high-reaching melody and shifting dynamics. The song takes place on the main deck of the spaceship Betsy II on May 10, 2126. The lyrics are a conversation between the main character Jonas and his shipmates Wuan and Dondó. Jonas is excited yet reserved about the prospect of doing what he thinks is his dream job, that is, going out into space to save Nomis from being swallowed by it's sun. Wuan and Dondó are much more upbeat about the experience. In the middle of the song, M1 interjects via vocoder to remind them of the task at hand. In the last verse we find that a female character, Maria, the ship's cook, has entered the scene and that Jonas has a history with her from back at Star Corps Academy. (more...)