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Rivers Cuomo Alone II.jpg

"Come to My Pod" is a song written by Rivers Cuomo, which was originally intended for Songs from the Black Hole. "Come To My Pod" was first leaked by Rivers himself. The song is perceived to see a near-future release on Alone II.

"Come to My Pod" is a duet between Jonas and Maria, continuing their earlier conversation. Here, Jonas disregards his desire for true love and succumbs to his intense lust for Maria. Additionally, Maria is somewhat of a tease and makes it all too easy for Jonas to fall for her charm. Gladly, he makes love with Maria in her private "pod" on the spaceship.

A demo of this track was leaked onto the internet. A short song at one and a half minutes long, it features acoustic guitars, sparse drumming, and some synthesizer (Electronic Music Laboratories Electrocomp 101).