AOL Live chat with Weezer - May 14, 2001

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Goofy alternative rockers Weezer stopped by AOL Live to chat about their hits, their careers and how they learned how to make it big and have a lot of fun in the process. See what they had to say below!

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Host: Hey, everyone. Welcome to AOL Live. I'm your host, Brittany, in the studio today with Weezer. Hello. Welcome, you guys. Each of you want to say hi to your fans?

Mikey: Hi fans, I'm Mikey.

Pat: Weezer fans, I'm Pat.

Rivers: Hello, I'm Rivers.

Brian: Hi, Brian.

Host: They're in the studio today, because they're releasing their third album. It's Weezer in some areas, and The Green Album in others. Which is it?

Weezer: Its both. In Japan, they call it The Green Album. In the Southeast region of this country, it's pronounced Hweezer.

Host: OK, seriously.

Weezer: I'd say it's self-titled. I call it our new record. Its green in color.

Host: It's being released tomorrow. I actually have heard it. It's going to be good. You guys, go buy it. A lot of people are camping out at Tower Records tonight waiting for it.

Weezer: We'll go say hi.

Host: Hard-core fans. Go to Keyword: AOL Live and go in the chat room and post your questions, and I will be reading them. You guys ready for the first question? GirlyGirl asks: What should we expect at Tower Records tomorrow? Can't wait to get my hands on the album. SteppingUp199: Hey, boys, what's the good word? I want to know who played the kick-ass riff on American Girl.

Weezer: That was an old guitar player who played that riff. Craig Brown. He's got a classic style.

Host: OK. Next question: Who are your biggest influences individually?

Weezer: I would say Raymond Floyd. Who's that? I think he's like a writer. He's a professional golfer. He's a golfer, yeah. Probably Zeppelin, Floyd, you know, classic rock. Disco sucks. Yeah, Chet Baker, I think.

Host: OK.

Weezer: And the Butthole Surfers. Can you say that online?

Host: Hey, guys, wonder how you feel about MTV bleeping Hash Pipe. How do you feel about that?

Weezer: I think it's funny. I don't think it really bothers us. No, I think they're probably making a really responsible move, and they're going to save a lot of young children's lives by bleeping out hash -- they'll never know about it. You wouldn't want the kids to get mixed up in the hash business, no, because it's just a gateway drug. It's a gateway drug, believe it.

Host: OK. Chord says: What does the name Weezer mean? Does it mean something in particular?

Weezer: Just a name, you know.

Host: Cool. OK. DonnieWashman says: When you guys are writing songs, are the lyrics written first, or do you come up with the catchy guitar lines and bass lines before all else?

Weezer: Guitar lines come first, lyrics come last.

Host: OK. Cool. River is a genius. Will the summer 2000 songs see the light in the recording studios, or are they done with forever?

Weezer: That's a good question. We don't know what to do with those songs. We have so many songs from last summer, and we don't really have an opportunity to put them out on a record, because they didn't make it on The Green Album. And for the next record, the fourth record, we have a bunch of new songs that we really like. We don't know what to do with the songs from last summer. I think maybe they will just live on Napster.

Host: SkyGuy3876: Why do you always say the fans hate Pinkerton? I and many of the fans love it. I think it was the best album of the 1990s.

Weezer: Well, I think when I say that, I was referring to when we first put it out. I think most everyone said they hated it, including all of our fans and all of the rock critics. Rolling Stone magazine voted it the second worst album of the year.

Weezer: What was the first? Bush.

Host: OK, Michelle asks: Do you guys plan on touring the US after you finish up touring Europe?

Weezer: Yeah.

Host: You do? OK. OK. Linda937: Will you marry me? I guess it's for all of you to marry her at once.

Weezer: That's a tough question. Sure.

Host: OK, what city do you enjoy performing in the most? Do you guys have a favorite city?

Weezer: Tokyo.

Host: Why Tokyo?

Weezer: Why? Everyone sings at the top of their lungs, and it's really cute singing the wrong words. Plus McDonald's there is really high quality -- very good fast food in Tokyo. I ate breakfast there every morning. Get a hotcake set and you're down the road.

Host: Good point. Are there any plans for you to record an album as your alter ego band, Goat Punishment?

Weezer: Not really plans. We got to get a record deal for it. We'd have to get a deal. Well, Goat Punishment is actually friends of ours. We don't know those guys, but we might try to hook them up with a deal if we can get some songs together.

Host: Next question: If you guys ever make an appearance on TRL, will you kick Carson Daly in the nads?

Weezer: I don't think I can do that. I'd massage them.

Host: He'd appreciate that, I'm sure.

Weezer: He asked me before, last time we were in New York, but I was embarrassed. He should consider it.

Host: Don't be embarrassed about that.

Weezer: I'm confused about it a little bit. He's got new feelings.

Host: CowboyShoe: I was once making out with a girl who was a big fan of yours, and I had to stop because she stank so bad. Wait, that was Wing, not Weezer. You guys rock.

Weezer: That's a great question. Thank you very much, CowboyShoe. Thank you, moderator.

Host: SoggyBottomBoy: If you could cover one song, what would it be, and why?

Weezer: That's one of those incredibly open-ended questions that there's no answer for. Probably some Glenn Miller or something.

Host: Next question: How do you feel about the hype your new album is getting? And do you think not participating in the Warp tour will have an effect on your fan base?

Weezer: We need a lot more hype. The level of hype has been lagging, and really, I'd like to see a little bit more. I don't think it's going to affect our fan base, because we still go out and play concerts, just not on the Warp tour this year.

Host: Karc69: What do you guys think about Napster and other such programs leaking your music before it comes out? Do you have strong feelings on that?

Weezer: We shouldn't answer that. We're going to sue them.

Host: How do you feel about it?

Weezer: Uh-huh. I don't like it. I wish people would wait until the album came out. It's more fun that way. Kind of ruins the surprise. It's like opening your presents before Christmas. And it definitely doesn't sound as good as the actual CD.

Host: Oh, it sounds different? I didn't realize that.

Weezer: The quality's not as good.

Host: Interesting. OK.

Weezer: If I were a fan, I'd wait until the record came out.

Host: OK.

Weezer: Me too. I don't have it. See? We're still waiting. I'm going to go buy it tomorrow.

Host: RRadiohead: What is your favorite video game?

Weezer: Oh, man. Video game? It was in Japan. I don't know what it was called, but it was a keyboard and you played the piano and played songs. That was my favorite.

Host: Do you play video games?

Weezer: I'm into vintage games. I like Joust, all those stupid old games that were really neat at the time. Galaga, you know. We're old guys. We're old. Yeah. Space Invaders. Not that old. Pong.

Host: Pong was good. Will you guys play my graduation party June 23 in Warsaw? You know you'd love to.

Weezer: Sure. Yes. Right.

Host: Next question: What is your favorite cheese, Mikey?

Weezer: That would have to be Creed. Is there a little man in that room there? I don't know. They turned off our monitor here. Turn it back on. Can you turn the monitor back on? All right.

Host: All right. ArturoBandinny: What was the inspiration of the Weezer logo? Van Halen? Wonder Woman?

Weezer: Van Halen...

Host: When did you each start playing guitar?

Weezer: I started guitar at 15. I started when I was 13. I'd say when I was 19.

Host: How did you guys end up hooking up with Ric, who produces your records?

Weezer: Sent him a tape back in the day. Now we would send him a CD. Technology has kind of...

Host: How long ago was that, that you sent him the tape?

Weezer: About -- I don't know, nine years ago. Eight years ago. Yeah.

Host: Wow. Hmm. OK. WeezerGeek827: Easiest question ever. Chewsy -- Chewy or Ewok? I can't read. OK, guys, I coincidentally got tickets for Conan when you're playing there June 5. Will you please come out afterwards and talk to the fans? It will make my life. PS -- my friends and I will be the ones throwing bombs at you when you perform.

Weezer: Yeah. Now we're going to definitely cancel that appearance.

Host: What will you guys do if someone does throw bombs at you? Do you ignore them?

Weezer: Collect them. Put them on immediately. Sure, we'll meet you.

Host: Where did River get the shoes he's wearing on the cover of the new album?

Weezer: The shoe store. LA.

Host: Nowhere special?

Weezer: They're pretty random shoes.

Host: OK. If you had to cover a Def Leppard song, which would it be?

Weezer: Photograph. No question about it. Maybe a huge single off that record, Rock of Ages. That would be pretty cool. OK.

Host: Mikey, do you ever miss playing with The Juliana Theory? Or are you happy with Weezer?

Mikey: I never played with The Juliana Theory, and I love being in Weezer, forever and ever. Who the hell is The Juliana Theory? I am, yes, very much, thank you very much.

Host: OK, PoopyPooh: Pat, are you having fun in the band? Please say yes.

Pat: Yes.

Host: What are your favorite movies? Do you guys have a favorite movie?

Weezer: I like Rosemary's Baby... The whole Meatball series. First Caddyshack. Apocalypse Now.

Host: I had a question for you guys. I saw that you had an Andre the Giant sticker on the drums. Are you big Andre the Giant fans?

Weezer: Yeah.

Host: I thought that was -- my friend was talking about, that we see you guys, were screaming.

Weezer: He's everywhere.

Host: It's crazy. RWS asks: In the song In the Garage, you mention a dungeon master's guide. Do you play Dungeons and Dragons? If you do, what character class do you play as?

Weezer: I prefer the cleric, myself. I used to be usually like fighter, thief, elephant or half-elephant. Sorry.

Host: OK. Just reminding you that we are at AOL Live. If you have questions, send them right now, and I will ask them to the band. AOL Live. OK, Annie5: The new album is good, but where did all the rock-out solos go? Why did they follow the chorus line?

Weezer: Well, all those dancers get confused and they're like -- the solos are on strike. The chorus line. I don't know how to answer that question. Why do you write the kind of music you write? I have no idea. It's just what I hear in my head, so that's the way it goes.

Host: OK. SoupCan28: If you were stranded on a deserted island with one CD, one famous female celebrity, and one item of your choice, what/who would they be?

Weezer: That's a good one. I would have a CD that you could eat for at least like a year and be sustained with.

Host: OK. USCosmo88: Rivers, where did you get those rad glasses?

Rivers: At the glasses store.

Host: How did you guys start out? Where did you find gigs? And how did you go about it? Any advice?

Weezer: We just passed out our demo tape to all the local clubs and begged them to let us play. And slowly, the word got around that we didn't suck all that bad.

Host: OK, from Hello Weezer: To all the boys, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Weezer: A dogwood. A big maple. A pine tree. I think I want to be a pine tree, too. I want to live on Cape Cod, though. Is that OK?

Host: Sure. Why not? OK, next question: Did any of you have mullets in high school or any other point in your lives?

Weezer: I must have had one at one point, because I played soccer, and they all had mullets. I have a mullet now. What are you talking about? I'm going to grow a mullet. I'm working on it, yeah, right now.

Host: OK. Here's a question -- ClevelandsChild5: Is Tupak really dead?

Weezer: Who cares? No way, man. He lives.

Host: You guys are funny. ZombieGirl: What songs do you plan on playing on SNL this Saturday? Any chance you'll get into a skit?

Weezer: We're trying to get Will Farrell to play with us. He plays bongos.

Host: That would be cool.

Weezer: It's a surprise, I think. Maybe it isn't.

Host: OK.

Weezer: We're going to play some songs. Photograph by Def Leppard.

Host: GoBananas456: I love your music. I wonder when I'll get to see you live. Will you be touring this summer?

Weezer: Yes. All summer. Didn't we answer that question?

Host: OK. I don't have a question, I wanted to let you guys know you rock. and there's a lot of zoo people camping out tonight to get their piece of dream tonight. We can't wait.

Weezer: Thank you. Thank you.


Host: Go to AOL Live, and I will ask the question you post to the band. Next question: Have you seen the picture of the guy with the Weezer dash in the back of his head? That's me, Karl, putting it on the tour office box thing.

Weezer: In English? That was like nouns and verbs. I have seen it, and we think it's really cool.

Host: BarFinger4: Where do you want Weezer to be in 10 years? This will be the last question.

Weezer: Can we do 10 months? I like Los Angeles. I guess LA would be pretty cool. LA's fine. I'm going to start breeding Dobermans in the South, but we'll still be a band out of Los Angeles.

Host: OK. Well, that was our last question. Thank you guys for joining us.


Host: Thank you. And on Wednesday we'll be having R.E.M. On Thursday, Janet Jackson. Join us again at Keyword: AOL Live. Thanks again, Weezer.

Weezer: Thank you.

MrLiveGuy: Thanks for all of your great questions!! And be sure to buy their new self-titled album. It comes out tomorrow! Take care and have a great night!

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