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This is a list of the several hairstyles and facial hairstyles that Rivers Cuomo has appeared with.

Young Rivers

Infant (1970)

Beverly. Rivers Cuomo - baby.jpg

Child (1978)

Rivers Cuomo - 1978 School Picture.jpg

Teenager (1984)

Rivers Cuomo - teenage birthday guitar pic.jpg

Metal Head (1989)


Adult Rivers

Early Weezer (1992)

Rivers Cuomo - Long hair 1992.jpg

Blue Album

Recording (1993)

Rivers Cuomo - Recording Blue.jpg

Touring (1994)

Rivers Cuomo, Matt Sharp - Blue Tour.jpg

Say It Ain't So video (1995)

Rivers Cuomo - SIAS video juicebox.jpg


Harvard and Recording (1995 - 1996)

Rivers Cuomo - Harvard Beard.jpg

Release and Tour (1996)

Rivers Cuomo - Pink era.jpg

Pre-Hiatus (1997)

Rivers Cuomo in Thailand.jpg


Shoulder length and beard (1997)

Rivers Cuomo - Soccer outfit and beard.jpg

Summer Songs 2000

Rivers Cuomo - ss2k.jpg

Green Album (Early 2001)

Rivers Cuomo - AlbanyOutloud.jpg

Post-Green (Fall 2001)

Rivers Cuomo Shaving.jpg

Maladroit (2002)

Beard (Early 2002)

Rivers Cuomo - Bearded Droit.jpg

Suit phase (2002)

Rivers In A Suit 1.JPG

Reunion with Matt (2004)

Rivers Cuomo, Matt Sharp - rehearsal 2004.jpg

Make Believe (2005)

Rivers Cuomo -BvH Single cover.jpg

Harvard (2006)

Rivers at harvard.jpg

Red Album

Recording (Spring/Summer 2007)

Rivers Cuomo - Red Album buzz.jpg


Rivers Cuomo - Smiling with moustache, 2008.jpg

Railroad Rivers - Fingerprints



Recording with JD


Rivers with Jermaine Dupri (November 2009)


Post-incident (December 2009)


Hurley/Memories Shows Era

Hurley Release


Captain Rivers - Weezer Cruise (January 2012)