interview with Patrick Wilson - February 2002

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Weezer has been one of my favorite bands for quite some time now and for me to interview my favorite member is a big honor. From the moment Pat accepted to do this interview I wanted to get down on my knees and yell 'I'm not worthy' Wayne's World style over and over again. So I present you readers with an allotment of fresh questions answered by our favorite drummer Mr. Wilson (No not the soccer ball from 'Cast Away')

-interview by kane and annie Did you ever dream when you were little that you would be in a band like Weezer where millions of kids all over the world know your name and idolize you?

Pat: Never! I was never able to conceptualize my future in any way actually. If music weren't an option for you as a career, what would you be doing right now as in Career wise?

Pat: Probably either IT or some kind of racing. What does your wife think about you being in a big band like Weezer touring and being surrounded by all the rock & roll temptations? Is she a big fan of Weezer?

Pat: She loves being able to cruise around with us but there really haven't been many temptations! What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on the road?

Pat: Having 10,000 or so people show up to see us play! If you can, describe the craziest fan you ever got the chance to meet.

Pat: The people with tattoos are kind of freaky. If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Pat: Probably 'Lao Tzu' cuz he's one chill mofo! Some people would say that Weezer has sold out, what do you think about that? And what is your definition of selling out?

Pat: Actually, we did. There's an office at Geffen specifically designated for these negotiations. It was a long battle but we were finally able to sell ourselves out. Have you gotten to meet any of your childhood idols, since you guys are recognized among many musicians and celebrities? If so who are they? Did you act cool clam and collective or extremely Nervous? If not who would you want to meet?

Pat: Oh my god, I met 'Gary Numan' at Astro Burger on Santa Monica in LA. I was truly freaked! He was extra gracious. Since you are so widely known around the world and you have a strong fan base, is it hard to live a normal life and do normal things like going out to dinner with your wife and family or hanging out with your friends?

Pat: I would consider us 'C' list celebrities. It's pretty gratifying to have sincere people say they like your stuff. It gets uncomfortable when people are interested in you simply cuz you've been on TV. Life is pretty normal actually. What's your favorite Holiday?

Pat: I like 'Arbor Day', which I plan to get more serious about. Trees are rad and I say this without an ounce of crunchiness. When could you speculate the next SG release will be?

Pat: I think we'll have a record in the can in 2002. Do you prefer to play drums, guitar?

Pat: Well I had tons o fun last night on the drums but I love singing and playing the guitar. What is your first instrument?

Pat: Guitar. Over the years Weezer has toured with many bands. What have been some of your favorites?

Pat: This bill has been my favorite with 'Tenacious D' and 'Jimmy Eat World'. It was amazing when we toured with 'Lush' also. Fans have disputed time and time again over what style musically Weezer should be labeled. Some people prefer to say 'Geek Rock', others say 'Emo' or 'Power Pop.' What musical style would you label Weezer? Special Goodness?

Pat: There seems to be a lot of confusion in general about musical styles. To me, we're just playing instruments in a way that is similar to what we grew up on. I say rock. What are your top 5 favorite records?

Pat: Well, it changes but here's some I really like. Talk Talk- Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock Pretty much any smiths CD Charlie Brown X-Mas by Vicne Guaraldi Photek- Risc vs reward Do you prefer to co-write songs or do you enjoy writing songs on your own?

Pat: I've never co-written a song and I suspect I would be a bad partner! Do you ever talk to Matt Sharp anymore? It was once thought that the two of you were good pals, but his name seems to be a name these days that nobody dares to mention.

Pat: I don't really talk to Matt too much. He comes to SG shows now and again. 1 being nerdy in an anti-social way and 10 being the hippest of the hip in a 'Revenge of The Nerds' sort of way. How would you rate the Break Dance Glove?

Pat: 10