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collectors discography

page 1 - Blue Album - page 2 - Pinkerton - page 3 - Green Album - page 4 - Maladroit
page 5 - Make Believe - page 6 - Red Album - page 7 - Raditude
page 8 - Hurley / DTFM - Appendix A - EPs, comps, soundtracks - Appendix B - solo's and side's
Appendix C - Merchandise

appendix A: EPs, DVDs, Compilations, soundtracks, tributes, misc.

The Christmas CD - December 2000

title: weezer - christmas e.p.

label: geffen/interscope
id #: gefcd radio promo only
released: november 2000
format: cd
1. the christmas song
2. christmas celebration

notes: 2 previously unreleased songs recorded just before weezer headed to the studio to record the green album. sent to radio stations and original weezer fanclub members only as a seasonal suprise. No more than 5000 made. mp3's of the tracks were also made available via

The Lion And The Witch - September 2002

Collectorsdiscography4-14.jpg title: weezer - the lion and the witch

label: geffen / interscope
id #: gefcd-0694934582
released: sept 24, 2002
format: CD in cardbaord gatefold sleeve
songs incl. shows that the songs were drawn from:
1. intro (Fukuoka) / Dope Nose (Nagoya)
2. Island In The Sun (Nagoya)
3. Death And Destruction (Hiroshima)
4. Falling For You (Tokyo Zepp 5-26)
5. El Scorcho (Tokyo Budokan 5-27)
6. Holiday (Sendai)

notes: weezer's first "e.p." [Extended Play single] release. contains songs recorded live during the Japan World Cup Tour in May 2002. Originally intended as a summer EP, became a 'back to school' release due to scheduling changes. Limited to 25,000 copies, a US-only release. All 25,000 copies individually numbered on back cover. Death and Destruction is the same recording as heard on the Keep Fishin' UK Maxi CD single#1
special note: the numbering of the cd's went up to the 33,000's because a large number of the sleeves were defective and were recycled in the printing process [over 8000 copies]. so they kept printing and numbering as they went till they had a total quantity of 25,000... though the numbering got into the 34,000's.

Video Capture Device DVD - March 2004

Collectorsdiscography4-15.jpg title: weezer - Video Capture Device

label: geffen / interscope
id #:
released: March 23, 2004
format: DVD in standard amaray case (some in jewel case)
videos: Undone - The Sweater Song, Buddy Holly, Say It Ain’t So, El Scorcho (directors cut), The Good Life, Pink Triangle (home made no budget), Hash Pipe, Island In The Sun (Marcos Siega), Island In The Sun (Spike Jonze), Photograph, Dope Nose, Keep Fishin’, Slob (indie style low budget)
documentary/live: Undone - the Sweater song (Alternate version), "Weezer Goes To NY: The Making of The Blue Album", In The Garage (live), Jamie (Live), "Buddy Holly News", "Saction" (spring 1995 tour action), Say It Ain't So (B-roll version), Say It Ain't So (live - Dave Letterman), "Weezer Goes To Van Nuys: The Making of Pinkerton", El Scorcho (live), The Good Life (B-roll version), Pink Triangle (Live and Acoustic), Mykel and Carli (Live), My Brain (Live), "Outlog", "Stoopid Fresh" (green album preparations), "How Not To Do An Interview", Dope Nose (B-roll version), "Eurotrash" (2002 tour action), Take Control (Live), Fall Together (Pre-Show Warmup), Prodigy Lover (demo session)
notes: weezer's first dvd release, a career retrospective with material dating from 1991-2002. Contains the above selections plus additional 'raw nuggets' pieces, TV advertisements, and optional Pat/Brian/Scott + karl commentary on many tracks.

compilations, soundtracks, etc.

title: dgc rarities vol. 1

id #: dgcd24704
released: july 5, 1994 (europe GED24544 w/ diff. tracklist but w/ "jamie")
format: CD, cassette, also LP in the UK
songs: jamie.
notes: The easiest way to pick up "Jamie", the bands first "b-side". "Jamie" was recorded all at once with no overdubs, and was an LMU college student's school project in fact. The recording features the only released appearence of Jason Cropper in weezer, and dates from the spring of '93. Originally planned to go on an indie 7", but never did. So much for "indie cred"!

title: Bloodshot

id #: dgc-
released: early summer, 1994
format: CD
songs: in the garage
notes: the first of many promo sampler cd's that weezer has had a track on. These were sent to retailers and some radio. 'In The Garage' here is from the Blue Album.

title: Son Of Swag

id #: dgc-
released: fall, 1994
format: CD
songs: Jonas [live]
notes: the second of these type of things, and significant because a non-lp track was used, very unusual. The live "Jonas" here is the same as whats on the UK 'Buddy Holly' CD Single.

title: Play MCA (nov-dec '94)

id #: MCA (Germany)
released: November, 1994
format: CD
songs: Undone - The Sweater Song
notes: early European MCA label promo including weezer, came out a few months before the first European tour, which is when UK/Europe started promoting the blue album.

title: Rock Summer Sampler

id #: dgc-
released: 1995
format: CD
songs: Say It Aint So [remix]
notes: DGC promo sampler

title: Swagalicious

id #: PRO-CD-1035
released: 1996
format: CD
songs: Falling For You
notes: DGC promo sampler disc.

title: Huck 'Em: Music for Real Sportsters

id #: PRO-CD-1074
released: 1997
format: CD
songs: pink triangle [possibly the remix]
notes: DGC promo sampler disc.

title: angus - official movie soundtrack

label: warner brothers
id #: wea7599 45960 4
released: fall 1995
format: CD, possible cassette. No LP known
songs: you gave your love to me softly.
note: weezer first wrote "wanda" for this soundtrack but the first version of YGYLTMS was optioned instead.

title: mallrats - official movie soundtrack

label: uni/five ten
id #: five ten 8808 11294 2
released: october 17, 1995
format: CD, vinyl LP, possible cassette
songs: susanne.
notes: contains the remixed version of susanne.

title: Westwood One radio show "On The Edge"

label: Westwood Radio
id #:
released: Sept 20, 1996
format: CD
songs: n/a
notes: Only produced for radio stations to play the weezer interview/show, which included various pinkerton and blue album songs as well as interview material taped with the band at Westwood One Studios. Very tough to come by these.

CollectorsdiscographyA-12.jpg title: Y-100 Sonic Sessions '97

label: Y-100
id #: ?
released: 1997
format: CD
songs:  ???
notes: compilation of several bands. contains live acoustic weezer songs recorded live at the '96 Summer Sonic sessions in Philadelphia. (not the whole set)

CollectorsdiscographyA-13.jpg title: Fuji Rock Festival '97

label: ?
id #: ?
released: summer 1997
format: CD
songs: pink triangle
notes: released as either a promo or retail item, in conjunction with the 1997 Fuji Rock Festival. A 2 disc set, each disc featuring tracks from all the artists slated to play that day. Ironically, weezer never played this show, as a typhoon destroyed the stage the night before. Pink Triangle is the Pinkerton version [or possibly the radio remix?]

title: X-96 more cheap live

label: x-96
id #: ?
released: 1998
format: CD
songs: The Good Life (live, acoustic)
notes: Unclear if a promo giveaway and/or a retail item. Compilation of various artists' songs recorded live at KXRK X-96-FM in Salt lake City. This version of "The Good Life" was recorded acousticly on 6/5/97 in the X96 studios, and is unavailable on any other release, making this at least as desirable a cd as the Philly y-100 sonic sessions discs.

title: 120 minutes live cd

label: mtv/(interscope?)
id#: ?
released: 1998
format: CD, possible cassette
songs: undone - the sweater song (live)
this track was one of the couple live tracks the band played on mtv's now-defunct mtv "120 minutes" program which was their showcase for some of the cooler alt/rock/whatever music of the day. they also played "buddy holly" during the session, but undone was chosen for the cd.

title: hear you me! : a tribute to mykel and carli

label: vast records
id #: vstcd005
released: january 1998
format: CD
songs: mykel and carli.
Out of print, but worth seeking out. Black Market Flowers was a contemporary of weezer's in the L.A. scenes back in '92-'93. What a great band. What a great thing this benefit comp was and is. Only US release to date of weezer's "Mykel and Carli".

title: where is my mind? : a tribute to the pixies

label: glue factory
id #: GFY70006-2
released: june 1999
format: CD, vinyl LP
songs: velouria
notes: second officially released cover version by weezer after "My Evaline". recorded in summer 1998 at Mouse House studios, L.A., during a period that was originally intended to be rehearsals for the 3rd weezer album. Mikey Welsh's first released appearance as a member of weezer.

title: The Real Slim Santa [Kroq Kevin and Bean CD 2000]

label: kroq
id #:888-1746152
released: November, 2000
format: CD
songs: "The Christmas Song" [original version]
notes: 2000 edition of Kroq's annual Xmas compilation cd. The "Christmas Song" on this cd is the early mix, and appears no where else. The version on the weezer "christmas cd" had been remixed, and some parts re-recorded, as well as some lyrics changed.

title: wwf tough enough 2 soundtrack

label: interscope/mtv
id #:
released: may 14th, 2002
format: CD
songs: "o lisa"
notes: compilation cd w/ weezer track "o lisa" which was a green album b-side.

title: Y100 Sonic Sessions Vol.5 [2001]

label: Y100
id #:
released: fall 2001
format: CD
songs: "island in the sun" [live]
notes: compilation cd of various live performances from different bands. Contains live weezer track "island in the sun" recorded on the Philadelphia stop of the 'Hooptie Tour', 6/4/01.

CollectorsdiscographyA-22.jpg title: Maximum Weezer

label: Chrome
id #:
released: Oct 29, 2002
format: CD
songs: none
notes: unauthorized "biography/interview disc" of very low quality. includes a mini-poster. No actual weezer music included. "there is nothing there that a boardie wouldn't really know already...they have some annoying tune going on in the background for the whole CD and the few clips of Rivers talking is scratchy, possibly from a telephone call or radio broadcast." ---harrybb. "The information is decent; they did their homework....Buy if you must." ---Barak.

title: Amplitude (playstation2 game)

label: Sony
id #:
released: 2003
format: Playstation2 game
songs: includes "Dope Nose"
notes: Players attempt to create song mixes thru interactive play (huh?). "Dope Nose" is one of numerous modern rock/pop songs to choose from. "Whilst flying along on a space ship type thing along various tracks, you have to hit the beats to keep that track playing, in the background the video is playing and there's a nice bit where the flying =w= is everywhere! It's very hard to explain!" -Rich

CollectorsdiscographyA-24.jpg title: Petra Haden benefit record

label: Vegas Records/Gimetzco Noise
id #:
released: July 1, 2003
format: double 7" vinyl
songs: includes a live "Why Bother?" from summer 2002
notes: very limited edition 7" vinyl record. all proceeds to help pay ex that dog-er Petra Haden's medical bills from her catastrophic accident in 2000. Also includes tracks from Ben Kweller, Am Radio and Phantom Planet. New [unofficial] Weezer Fan club members to get first crack at it via fanclub mailorder.

title: Gimme Skelter

label: Buddyhead Records
id #:
released: fall, 2003
format: cd
songs: "You Won't Get With Me Tonight"
notes: includes the Rivers/Weezer "Songs From The Black Hole" home demo: "You Won't Get With Me Tonight", recorded early 1995.

CollectorsdiscographyA-26.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-27.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-28.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-29.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-30.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-31.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-32.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-33.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-34.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-35.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-36.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-37.jpg CollectorsdiscographyA-38.jpg
Other assorted weezer appearences on compilations:

[USA] - Now Thirty-One [1996]: includes "Buddy Holly"
[USA] - Mtv - 20 Years Of Pop: includes "Buddy Holly"
[USA] - Absolute 90's: includes "Say It Aint So"
[USA] - "The Cornerstone Player" - various editions of monthly promo CD - includes various weez tracks depending on which edition.
[Philippines] - Mtv Alternative Nation: Mtv Asia comp, includes "el scorcho". P&C; Universal music, umd 53916.
[USA] - "Peaceful Greasy Feeling" - Guitar Center compilation. - includes "Getchoo"
[USA] - MTV's TRL Christmas CD: includes "The Christmas Song".
[USA] - CMJ New Music Monthly magazine 4/01 - compilation cd: includes "The Christmas Song".
[USA] - Mr. Deeds Soundtrack: includes "Island In The Sun"
[USA] - Smallville Soundtrack: includes "Island In The Sun"
[Canada] - Big Shiny Tunes 6: includes hash pipe.
[Canada] - Big Shiny Tunes 7: includes dope nose.
[UK] - NOW thats what i call Music, Vol 31 - Includes "Buddy Holly"
[UK] - Kerrang Vol.4: includes Keep Fishin'
[UK] - The Best Air Guitar Album in the World...Ever: includes Hash Pipe
[Germany] - introduced 100: includes Buddy Holly [Buddy Holly video on DVD version]
[Germany] -"All Areas Vol. 15". Included with Visions mag. #98, 5/01 - includes "Photograph"
[Germany] - "Visions #100 Anniversary Comp." Included with Visions mag. #100, 7/01. -includes "The Christmas Song"
[Germany] - "Berlin, Berlin Vol.2" TV soundtrack comp. Released 4/3/02, Label: Hansa Amig (BMG)- incl "Island In The Sun"

random weezer appearences:

The video for "Buddy Holly" was available on the Windows 95 Installation CD-ROM. It is in the "funstuff" folder.
Brian appears on the Ash track "Devil's Haircut" on an Ash 7", which is basically an answering machine message from Brian Bell to Tim Wheeler in '96.
"The World Has Turned And Left Me Here" is used in the "Man Down" skate video by Tilt Mode Army, in Caswell Berry's part.
"Dope Nose" appears on TM Century's HitDisc #452B, released on 3/15/02. HitDiscs are special promo cd's that are serviced to smaller market radio stations who do not have direct relationships with the major labels, who normally send out ("service") their latest radio promo cd's to stations.

"old school" bootlegs

note: before the internet era of easy file sharing, fans traded illegally taped ("bootlegged") shows of their fave bands with one another for no profit, a scene which continues to present day. Meanwhile bootleg LPs (and CDs after the mid 80s) were generally considered specialty items sold on the grey market, produced by shadowy (usually foreign) companies who had no authority to make a profit off of the illegal recordings, but who existed outside the jurisdiction of US copyright laws. Weezer has always been against the selling of weezer bootlegs in any form.
In the early years of weezer, there was still a healthy market for these illegal cds, and there are several now famous examples which are listed below. All of these contain live performances, generally taped by an audience member, and all were produced in non North American countries wherein copyright laws were lax.
In the ensuing years, aided by the explosion in file sharing, there has been a huge increase in such cds, but very few were made by what could be called a 'manufacturer', as they were often runs of 50-100 copies made with home computers and instantly offered on ebay. Further complicating matters was a massive rise in mp3 sourced cds and cds that were blatant rip-off collections of officially released material, such as the bands real b-sides, often combined with random live recordings, converted mp3s that the band released for free on in the first place, and recordings that werent even weezer at all, incorrectly attributed as such. (please note that as of 2004, the ONLY official releases of weezers normal and 'rare' material are listed (elsewhere) in this discography page.)
As this area is impossible to properly document and consists of poorly concieved illegal packages of material that either was never intended to go to the public (at least not for a fee), or was already released on the official releases elsewhere in this discography, only a few early examples are included, as they have attained some historical significance. Note further that there have even been "re-bootlegs" of the below 'famous' bootlegs by home-computer bootleggers. Originals of the below examples are identifiable by the "professional" style manufactured cd, as opposed to a cd-r.
Also note that the recordings contained on these discs is often of abysmal quality, and rather than waste $ buying them, it is almost always possible to find these recordings for free online in mp3 form.
title: Geezer

label: Kiwi records (Australian)
id #: KTS-026-A
released: 1995
format: CD
songs: 'intro', my name is jonas, no one else, the world has turned, buddy holly, in the garage, say it aint so, jamie, 'get to my heart' (erroneous title of "Getchoo"), only in dreams, undone, surf wax america.
notes: recorded live on 12/04/94 at The Sting, New Britian, CT, audience recording.

title: American Holiday

label: Tornado records (Italy? Taiwan?)
id #: TOR038 (TOR-065)
released: 1995
format: CD
songs: 'i want a girl' (erroneous title of "No one else"), 'do you believe' (erroneous title of "the world has turned"), buddy holly, 'no one hears me' (erroneous title of "in the garage"), 'say it a'int so', 'get'ch you' (erroneous title of "getchoo"), holiday, 'sweater song', 'what america needs' (erroneous title of "surf wax america"), 'bet on you' (erroneous title of "my name is jonas"), 'i want a girl' (erroneous title of "No one else"), 'do you believe' (erroneous title of "the world has turned"), buddy holly, 'i love you so' (erroneous title of "Jamie"), 'say it a'int so', 'sweater song', 'what america needs' (erroneous title of "surf wax america").
notes: recorded live in St Louis 1994 and in NYC 12/05/94. Particularly bad audience recordings. Funny note: The disc says it is AAD while the case says it is DDD.

title: Rock Candy

label: Home Records (German)
id #: HR6037-1
released: 1995
format: CD
songs: no one else, the world has turned, 'buddy holy', in the garage, 'stay with me tonight' (erroneous title of You Gave Your Love To Me Softly), Jamie, Say it ain't so, 'Get You' (erroneous title of "getchoo"), holiday, undone, surf wax america, only in dreams, 'tonight' (erroneous title of ???).
notes: recorded live in minneapolis 9/9/94. audience recording.

tribute albums + notable cover versions

title: The Moog Cookbook

label: Restless
id #: 72914
released: 1995
format: CD, cassette
songs: moog-ed out cover of Buddy Holly.
notes: Ex-Jellyfish members cover many alternative rock classics on this disc, loungey-instrumental style. The Buddy Holly cover version was actually played over the p.a. at many weezer shows in '96, as the "post show" music.

title: making noise

label: skunk ape
id #:
released: 2000
format: CD
songs: 16 cover versions by various artists
notes: Artists include Daniel Brummel and The Contraband, Velcro, and god. Japanese pressing has 2 bonus tracks.

title: rock music

label: Dead Droid
id #: PGC2002
released: 2001
format: CD
songs: 13 cover versions by various artists
notes: Artists include Dashboard Confessional, Piebald, The Stereo, The Ataris

title: Los Miserables "Date Cuenta!"

label: ?
id #:
released: 2001
format: CD
songs: "Chou Chou Zen"
notes: "Chou Chou Zen" is a spanish language raucous cover version of "El Scorcho". the band took considerable liberties with the lyrics - "Eres una china moderna y tonta con mochila" translates to "You are a modern and foolish chinese girl with a backpack." A video for this track played on MTVs.

title: BideouBalde (self titled)

label: ?
id #:
released: 2001
format: CD
songs: "Buddy Holly "
notes: Brazilian release from a very talented band.

title: Only In Dreams

label: ?
id #: -
released: early 2002
format: CD
songs: various
notes: a cd of classical music inspired by and based on weezer songs. Out Of Print.

title: Zed: Starlight promo CD

label: Geffen (Australia)
id #: -
released: 2002
format: CD
songs: Starlight
notes: promo only cd issued of New Zealand band Zed's cover of Starlight, the weezer B-side. This recording also appeared on the soundtrack to the super important Rob Shneider film "The Hot Chick".

title: Ash: Free All Angels bonus DVD

label: Infectious
id #: -
released: 2002
format: CD (DVD)
songs: Only In Dreams - live
notes: This live performance is available on a DVD that came with early copies of this album.

title: a punk tribute to weezer

id #:
released: 2002
format: CD
songs: punked out cover versions by various artists
notes: yep.

title: Richard Cheese : Tuxicity

id #:
released: 2003
format: CD
song: Buddy Holly
notes: Richard Cheese does lounge versions of popular rock and pop songs. This is one of several cd's he has released. Funny stuff.

title: come on and kick me

label: Vitamin Records
id #:
released: 2003
format: CD
songs: cover versions by a string quartet
notes: see Vitamin Records for more info.

title: Across The Sea - a tribute to weezer

label: Island/Universal Japan
id #:
released: 2003
format: CD
songs: cover versions by various Japanese artists

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