Cryin' and Lonely

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"Cryin' and Lonely"
Demo by Weezer
Length 2:10
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 537
COR# 229
Status Circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Don't Let Go"
(RC# 536)
"Cryin' and Lonely"
(RC# 537)
"Take It Slow"
(RC# 538)

"Cryin' and Lonely" is a Weezer demo written and recorded in 2000.


"Cryin' and Lonely" was, according to the Recording History, first demoed by the band in late October 2000. The song was featured on a 2000 demo tape submitted by the band to Interscope/Geffen in November in hopes of receiving approval for a third album[1]. The song was attempted again at S.I.R. Studios on December 26th, and subsequently attempted at Cello Studios before being abandoned.

In October of 2000, Karl Koch uploaded a short video to showing the band practicing the song.



Do it again
It’s a long and lonely road we have to end
Oh, sweetness
I like your style
But we have to walk along the country mile

And all the times we’d break up
The world would come to an end
I see the simple freedom in your eyes
But I won’t be there when you’re cryin’ and lonely tonight

Take off your clothes
And let me see the things in you that no one knows
I want to do it again
‘Cause I lost the only girl that was my friend

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