Darker Days

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"Darker Days"
Song by Jason Cropper
Writer(s) Jason Cropper

"Darker Days" is a song written by Jason Cropper.


The only known performance of "Darker Days" occurred on September 18, 2020 during a virtual concert and Q&A on the Weezercord Discord server. Before Cropper played the chorus his internet shut down, causing the rest of the song to be unheard by fans.

Cropper emotionally described the song's origin as so:

This one I wrote after I played those shows with Rivers in San Francisco. I really started to get "bit by the bug" as far as writing and playing music again, but I couldn't write a song to save my life. I just was so out of practice.

Around that same time, my good friend who is a teacher had a student in her math class who had killed himself. Being a father of three kids, like a stay at home dad type of dad. Weezer's success has allowed me to really be close to my kids without having to work too hard, which has been a real blessing and I'm so grateful. It really hit me hard to hear this and I could tell she was distraught, and we both kind of cried about it.

A couple days later I was wring songs and one came out and I was like, "oh my God this is a really good one, It reminds me of Oasis or The Smashing Pumpkins or something!" and I looked at the lyrics and I was like, "oh shit it's about this kid who killed himself."

This song is called "Darker Days."

Jason Cropper, September 2020[1][citation needed]


As you walk down the lonely road
Feeling lost when you're together
No sense of home, you're alone

When you turn off the light

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